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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

San José to Reno-Tahoe flights on Southwest Airlines restart

Southwest Airlines temporarily suspended service between San José and Reno in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related travel declines. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Toronto to Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa and Cancun on Air Canada Rouge now

Air Canada's leisure airline, resumed service today with flights operating between Toronto and Las Vegas, Orlando, and Regina, with other destinations being introduced in September, including Cancun and Tampa. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

65% of US airline passengers support vaccine passports

If the FAA decided to implement a vaccine passport program, nearly one in 10 travelers would be barred from boarding the plane. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Six Aeroflot pilots refuse COVID-19 jabs, suspended without pay

Aeroflot suspends pilots for refusing COVID-19 jabs. Suspended pilots refused to sign up for vaccine against coronavirus. Pilots’ union complained to Aeroflot CEO, calling suspension a discrimination. Russia’s flagship airline Aeroflot, which is majority-owned by the Russian state, sent least six unvaccinated pilots on unpaid leave or vacation without pay, the carrier’s spokesman said. Six […] - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Monday, September 6, 2021

Visit Hong Kong to be protected by Dancing Jellyfish

As Hong Kong's first city-centre marine experience destination, Cube O Discovery Park not only presents the underwater world and marine life in a new way, but also subtly condenses the vast ocean into a limited cubic space that brings the ocean close to hand and connects visitors to nature in new and entertaining ways. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

The Dangers of Phones, Computers & Technology identified worldwide

Saudi Arabia is not only becoming a leader in the global travel and tourism industry attracting organizations, initiatives to have a headquarter in the Kingdom, but the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is also concerned about the influence new technology has over a person's mental well-being, and for families. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

New Airbus Single-Aisle Airspace cabin adds comfort to Lufthansa flights

Lufthansa has once again made a choice of innovation and passenger appeal, raising the bar for the flying public at large to experience next-level, Airbus leading cabin innovations. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

730 bras and panties: Serial underwear thief arrested in Japan

The seemingly uncanny case of underwear theft is actually not so uncommon in Japan. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Sunday, September 5, 2021

The New Djibouti Sheraton competing with Kempinski and the Atlantic as top Hotels

Visitors to Djibouti can relive the adventure of the oldest road in the salt trade while walking alongside camels loaded with “white gold”, and dive with Whale Sharks, one of the only places in the world one can get up close and personal with these creatures. Guests can visit the vibrant green Lac Assal, just 30 minutes from Sheraton Djibouti, the green water lake attracts geologists and volcanologists from all over the world.  - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

A New W Hotel has you take Centerstage at RUNWAY, Light up the City and walk on the surface of the Moon, only in Changsha

"W Changsha marks the eighth W hotel to open in China, one of the most influential markets in both travel and business, and we're excited to bring W Hotels to more destinations across the country," said Tom Jarrold, Global Brand Leader, W Hotels Worldwide. "Cities such as Changsha, with their future-focused residents and fast-growing millennial luxury market who crave the new and unexpected, are playgrounds of limitless possibilities for W." - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Just appointed German Ambassador to China suddenly dies: Investigation

He was sworn in as the latest German Ambassador on August 24, and known as the right hand to German Chancellor Merkel. Why did he die today? German authorities remain silent about the circumstances, due to a pending investigation. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Euractiv, Financial Times, Politico Europe told NO MORE in Open Letter

Professor Geoffrey Lipman, president of the International Climate Friendly Travel Community (ICTP) and Juergen Steinmetz, chairman of the World Tourism Network applauded 16 European organizations for refusing to take speaking engagement at European events organized by publications that openly support fossil fuel. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Guinea coup: President arrested, government dissolved, borders closed

It is known that the leader of the rebels - Mamadi Dumbouya - had previously served in the French Foreign Legion. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Rum is your Brain Food, Alcohol, and New York Lifestyle

Rum could be placed in a FOOD group, after all – it is made entirely from sugar cane elements; it might even be considered a dessert, because it is sweet. However, it is a spirit and placed among alcoholic beverages with unique advantages that include antibacterial properties, and it has been recommended to treat strep throat. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

American, Spirit, Southwest Airlines: What happened to the 79 Billion Bailout?

Airlines in the United States received over $79 billion in bailout money across three COVID-related bills in 2020-2021 to help them, their employees, and the air travel industry survive the worst of the COVID pandemic. Congress intended this money to go to pilots, flight attendants, and other airline and airport employees to ensure they were paid during the severely depressed demand period and to ensure that the airlines would have the capacity to meet the increased travel demand as soon as the Covid situation improved. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Best Hairstyles in North America: Meet the stylists

The esteemed event was held Saturday, August 29th at Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center during Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) in Las Vegas. NAHA celebrates the industry’s leading talent and features 15 categories of excellence across hair and makeup artistry, including the new Inspiring Salon of the Year and Educator of the Year award categories.  “This was an unprecedented year […] - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Paris paralyzed as thousands protest against COVID-19 health passes

Those who haven’t got the COVID-19 vaccine shot yet, or are not planning to at all, claim that the health pass diminishes their rights and turns them into second class citizens. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Heathrow chaos: Huge crowds overwhelm understaffed airport

Some Heathrow passengers were reporting absolutely absurd queue times due to a Border Force staff shortage which kept travelers waiting in lines for five hours. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Friday, September 3, 2021

Dunchurch Park Hotel shuts down overnight: No phones, no website

The Dunchurch Park Hotel in Dunchurch, a large village and civil parish on the southwestern outskirts of Rugby in Warwickshire, England, has cancelled all overnight stays, weddings, and events moving forward. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News

Painful Thailand lockdowns must stop, businesses cry

The Thailand Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration eased some disease controls on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, of Thailand lockdowns. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News