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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Indian Ocean Tourism includes Indonesia and Africa: A Seychelles leader knows

Positioning an Indonesian Island group in Indonesia for tourism includes Africa. Indonesia loves the experience of private tourism consultant Alain St. Ange. St. Ange was the former minster of Tourism for Seychelles. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Monday, April 5, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine side effects: The need for a dedicated information website

Human body organs are correlated to each other, and unexpected effects of a medicine may occur. It has happened that common medicines which used to be sold without need of a medical prescription have suddenly been banned worldwide. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

India to complete world’s highest railway bridge by 2022

Chenab Rail Bridge will be the world’s highest railway bridge afterits completion by the end of this year - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

US domestic air travel to make full recovery by early 2022

The experts expect some of the airlines to start turning cashflow positive in a matter of months - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

MENA travelers willing to get vaccinated as soon as COVID-19 vaccine is available

Tourists are expected to prioritize destinations that have vaccinated most of their population and which have successfully managed through COVID-19 - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

TAP Air Poprtugal passengers can now be tested at Lisbon Airport

TAP Air Portugal provides daily COVID-19 testing service with exclusive discounts for passengers - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Record Tourism in Hawaii is the new unexpected normal: Don’t tell anyone!

After one year of silence the Hawaii Tourism Authority will be answering questions on an upcoming World Tourism Network Zoom call on April 7. The public is invited to participate and ask questions. How did Hawaii bring so many visitors back quietly? - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Hotel McAlpin with its own orchestra and hospital

The Hotel McAlpin was constructed in 1912 by General Edwin A. McAlpin, son of David Hunter McAlpin. As well as being the world’s largest hotel, it was also one of the most luxurious. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Ethiopian On-Time Performance surpasses industry average

Ethiopian Airlines Group has reached 91% On-Time Performance of all global flight departures - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Tourism after COVID: A bitter-sweet reality revealed by WTN co-chair Dr. Taleb Rifai

Tourism business will not just go back to normal. Dr. Taleb Rifai, former UNWTO Secretary - General has a strong vision on how he sees the future of the industry develop. Sustainability in Tourism will play a role in the future of the new normal for the travel sector. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Friday, April 2, 2021

Air Canada and Transat terminate proposed acquisition agreement

Air Canada and Transat call off $190 million deal - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Ukraine International Airlines is gradually restoring its flight network

Ukraine International Airlines sums up preliminary Q1 2021 results - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

CDC: Fully vaccinated people can now travel safely

CDC’s new travel guidance is a major step in the right direction that is supported by the science - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Sultan of Brunei receives his first COVID-19 vaccine shot

After the first dose injection, the sultan has consented for the national COVID-19 vaccination program to launch - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Deadliest Train Accident in Taiwan

Taiwan was the scene of the deadliest rail accident of this Chinese breakaway country At least 36 prople were killed in this tunnel crash - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Developing loyal employees in the hope that tourism will soon return to normal

One of the things that the tourism and travel industry learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of good and loyal employees. - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

North Korean Air Koryo announces resumption of China flights

No flight took off from Pyongyang for Beijing despite announcement - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Vaccination of the tourism sector has commenced in Belize

Belize Tourism Board confirms that the second phase of the National Covid-19 Immunization campaign has began on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Paid time off work: Spain is the best and US is the worst

Some countries offering a generous vacation package, while others offer absolutely nothing - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online

Deutsche Lufthansa AG announces virtual Annual General Meeting on May 4

The meeting will be held virtually, recognizing the need to apply current infection control regulations to protect the health of shareholders - eTurboNews | Trends | Travel News Online