Thursday, January 21, 2021

Why You Should Visit Beijing?


Beijing is a city known for its rich culture and history, decadent quality restaurants, and interesting rituals that you can’t see anywhere else.

As such, it’s one of the most visited cities in China. If you are wondering why it is attractive to most people and why you would visit that city at all, then keep reading.

There are not many quality airline industries that can bring you to this city, but one of the most famous and best is Cathay Pacific.

In this article, you will learn the most exciting things about this city, as well as the reasons why you should visit it. Settle in nicely and come along as we are here to show you.

     The Great Wall of China

You must have heard already of The Great Wall of China that people believe can be seen from space. Well, that substantial famous wall is located right in the city of Beijing.

This huge wall is more extended than 21,000 kilometers, making it the longest human invention in the world. It is also about 2700 years old, which makes it even more unique and valuable.

As such, it is constructed and attracts many tourists from all over Europe, more precisely about 50 million a year. It is an incredible number and is one of the most famous attractions in the world.

     The Forbidden City

One of the most exciting destinations in Beijing is the forbidden city. Don't worry, it used to be prohibited from entering this city, but today it is open to all tourists.

This city was inhabited by dynasties from 1420 to 1912. For almost 500 years, this city was banned, and only those dynasties and their members were allowed to enter.

Therefore, today it is very attractive due to the fact that no one was allowed to enter that city for 500 years. Tourists who come can see everything in the town, enjoy the old art, and get some knowledge of how it was like to live there.


If you are a fan of cycling and like to spend your free time riding through different places by bike, then Beijing is the city for you.

Cycling is very popular here, more than in other cities. It is interesting that the love for cycling in this city dates back to ancient times, but it disappeared in one period. The reason is that people started buying cars en masse because they could afford them.

But today, everyone is returning to cycling, so that the city is as little exposed to harmful air as possible. More and more bicycles are being used as a means of transportation through the city, and you can find many stores where they are rented as well as bought.


Tea is an essential item in Chinese culture, and it is very common in the city of Beijing. They maintain the tradition by being able to drink almost any tea that exists in the world. Interestingly, for each celebration, they have a different tea to celebrate.

In every restaurant and cafe, you can expect several different teas, the most common of which are green tea, jasmine tea, and golden monkey tea. If you want to know where you can drink the best tea and where you have the widest choice, this is Maliandao Tea Market.

     Hutong hangouts

Have you ever seen where people live in old Chinese movies, in those exciting houses that look bass in Chinese style? Well, those areas are called hutongs, and they can still be found in the city of Beijing today.

The sad truth is that throughout China, hutong areas were demolished to make large and new buildings. But fortunately, some still survive and serve as a major attraction for tourists. Most of them still use it as a home, and serious restaurants are still inside.

The recognizable narrow streets and houses can still be found, as well as the traditional food found in these restaurants inside. If you have already planned to visit Beijing, don't forget to see the hutongs.

Wrapping up

These were all the reasons why you should visit the city of Beijing. You can see that this town is traditionally oriented and if you are into Chinese culture, there is no doubt that you won’t like it.

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