Thursday, November 14, 2019

Top 10 advantages of hiring a car with Pingouin Car Rental in Mauritius


Pingouin Car Rental is a local car rental company located at Level 0, Car Rental Booth, Counter No.9, SSR International Airport, Plaine Magnien 51520, Mauritius.
If you are travelling to Mauritius Island, renting a car remains a very affordable option with more freedom to explore this beautiful Island as compared to other options.
Mauritius is a high-end tourist destination poised in the Indian Ocean and it necessitates a big preparation beforehand including the reservation of air fares, lodging and an appropriate mean of transportation to get around prior your arrival.  It is for instance recommended to pre-book a cheap and convenient transportation on a shoestring budget to make most of your holiday.

The benefits with Pingouin Car Rental

Pingouin Car rental is our recommended local car rental agency in Mauritius whereby a car can be pre-book easily from their website and it can be pick-up and drop-off straight away at the SSR Airport of Mauritius once you landed.  Pingouin Car rental agency provided outstanding car rental services in Mauritius and the following are the top ten added value propositions.

Convenience: Pingouin Car Rental is located in a prime area convenient for pick-up and drop-off in the airport of Mauritius. There is no fuss to travel long distances from the airport to find them and they are opened from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

To-your-door: Pingouin Car rental also offers deliveries and drop-off around the Island if option one has not been opted.  Some customers can choose to have their cars delivered at their hotels.

Quality foremost: Pingouin car rental has a large fleet range from small to big with both automatic and manual transmission.  The cars are well maintained and well-cleaned which is a must for a smooth driving experience.

A multitude of Options/Extras: the other advantage one gets benefits is amongst its extras provided including SIM cards, local maps, car seats, wi-fi hotspots and so on. Those accessories and extras can be easily added during the booking process online or can be ordered directly at their car rental counter.

Low Rental Rate: one can expect to pay as low as from 20 euro per day for a mini car if they are looking for the cheapest and smallest car. For instance, a mid-sized car can cost about 35 euro daily; a seven-seater cost around 50 euro per day whilst a Pickup can cost approximately 55 euro per day; a SUV can cost 60 euro with a spacious boots and a luxury SUV like the BMW can range from 90 to l00 euros per day.  Those prices are indicative and can varies slightly depending on seasons.  Hire a car online directly from the website of Pingouin Car Rental enables you to save up to 30% on your rental. It is easy and safe to book online at and get your voucher instantly by email.

Airport Tax: some car rental agencies charge a daily tax as much as 25% of your entire rental. However, with Pingouin car rental, Airport Tax is not applicable.

Breakdown Service: One of the benefits of hiring a car from Pingouin Car rental is a replacement car on the same day in case of break down.

Early/Late return time: There is no out-of-hour extra charge in case your flight is delayed. They are after all a customer service-oriented car rental company. Their agents will wait for you at their car rental booth.  Pingouin Car rental provides also 3 hours grace time while other car rental companies might charge you for one additional day.

Insurance Policy: Their cars are covered by a full comprehensive policy. If you are not at fault in a collision, you will not be held responsible. However, in case, you are found guilty in an accident, the maximum liability is equivalent to the excess.

No security deposit package: Pingouin Car Rental do not take security deposit for mini and economy car category. When a customer pick-up either a mini, economy or compact car, they do not need to leave a security deposit.  The customer has to settle only his rental balance. Pingouin Car Rental don’t block money from your credit card. However, in case of damages, the maximum amount to be charged at drop off of the vehicle is Mini = €350; Economy = €400; Compact=€450 respectively.

The bottom-line

Customers are put first and renting a car with Pingouin Car Rental Agency means a lot.  Customer satisfaction is the top priority of this local car rental agency in Mauritius.  Renting a car With Pingouin Car Rental means also a lot of saving and convenience. So, next time you have a stop in Mauritius, make Pingouin Car Rental your preferred choice and enjoy the benefits as enumerated above. We wish you a nice car rental experience with Pingouin Car Rental.

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