Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Hawaii Concierge


We’re excited to launch and introduce our new service, Hawaii Concierge™
This is your personal invitation to learn how Hawaii Concierge™ can help you as a visitor or how it could help you as a travel agent with a vacation or event in Hawaii.  We’re at your service – in English, German and Russian.
Hawaii Concierge™ is your boots on the ground throughout the islands. 

Click here to ask YOUR question.

Hawaii Tourism Association
  • Want to have us do site inspections of a potential event or vacation rental locations? Contact us
  • Need help sourcing beach locations and permits for a wedding?  Contact us
  • Need to fact-check a hotel or resort presentation? Contact us
  • Got a question about where to source a hard to find vintage wine?  Contact us
  • Need to know how to best get from A to B? Contact us
  • Check on shopping, restaurants, hotels, resorts, car rental, airlines, vacation rentals, bike rental, attractions, cruises, sightseeing, shark tours? Contact us
Why are we unique, unbiased and personalized services that are not available through other online platforms?
  • We do not carry any advertising.
  • We do not accept any sponsorship
  • We do not accept referral fees.


No task is too small or large for


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