Friday, January 19, 2018

“Welcome To Travel” offers unique package deal to Melbourne

“Welcome To Travel” welcomes you to Melbourne with Australia's newest, most unique and inclusion-filled arrival package. offers an 8-day package deal that provides everything you need as well as everything you'd want to do. It's a perfect blend of must dos and didn't know you could dos!

Adam Ogle and Darryl Newby

 We are based in Melbourne and specialize in showing backpackers, students, and au pairs (from all over the world!) why it's the greatest city in the world. We think we provide one of the best and most authentic experience and package deals in the city.

We had worked in youth/adventure travel sector for 5+ years each and have often had ideas to pursue a project of our own. This idea came together last year, we went online in July, and have started operating tours this summer. We've moved pretty quick, and we're loving it.

Our business identity and values focus on our reliability to our audience. We are them. We came here to travel and had so many questions, and we missed so many of the cool parts of Melbourne and Australia. I'd have loved to have started doing our week!  We're now answering those questions and showing everything Melbourne has to offer.

The product is obviously heavily focused on Melbourne, but we want to dig deep in to that and we're focused on going beyond the surface.

There's certain things you need when arriving - these are things such as an airport shuttle and accommodation, so we provide that as part of the deal.

There's certain admin parts you may struggle with but need sorting. These could be your phone, bank account, tax file number - so we organize that.

There are also things you must do when you get to Australia such as surfing, getting up close to the wildlife, and exploring the glorious beaches, so, of course, we make sure everyone gets to do that.

We also wanted to add another layer to that and instead of ticking off generic tourist attractions, we wanted to let people experience what it's like to live here, and that's why we take people to our favorite places as adopted locals. Whether that's the vineyard in Mornington or the dumpling restaurant on our food tour - it's a snippet of Melbourne life away from that tourist trail.

In 2 years, it's actually predicted Melbourne will be Australia's largest city! Simply put, Melbourne has character in everything it does. We love other cities in Australia, having lived in Sydney, and it's a great place. With Melbourne though, it has so many things going on, across so many suburbs, cultures, and sectors. Music, sport, food, theatre - it's all over the city. Fancy restaurants backing on to grim alleyways decorated by beautiful art - everything is there but all in one exciting and most importantly, ever-changing melting pot.

Our brand name, Welcome To Travel, goes perfectly well with our URL, and in a world that's now all about online, people may recollect the URL because of the link to the brand. It is about being different and standing out.

Visit us at and find out more about Melbourne, our tours, and fantastic deals!

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