Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Travel blog network FREE deal brings together travelers around the globe

A travel blog network launched a few years ago that brings together travelers from all over the world. Users of are all individuals that enjoy travel and have taken advantage of the free travel blogs provided by to track and tell their travel stories.

It is becoming increasingly popular for travelers to create travel blogs and update them during their journeys - better than a postcard, more convenient than a phone call. Today’s travelers want to document their daily adventures in journal entries and pictures for their friends, family, and followers to view.

“I liked the sound of the .travel extension, and I realized that I could obtain a more attractive website with .travel,” commented co-owner of, Robert Geoghegan, “As the .travel extension says exactly what it does, ‘on the packet,' I feel it has helped us gain a foothold in an extremely competitive area.”

It is easy to join the community and get your own travel blog for free. Not only is a travel blog cost effective as compared to international phone calls or the unnecessary hassle of purchasing phone cards, but they are a great way to preserve memories. With a travel blog, you can keep a multi-media diary with photos, videos, and more to last forever.

To learn more about joining the community and starting your own personal travel blog, please visit .

Now .travel is open to everyone. Haven’t got your Member Number (UIN) yet? Obtain it here:

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