Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Best deals to the world's best kept secrets in Ecuador from Putumayo.Travel is the official tourist office/guide for the region of Putumayo situated in southwest Colombia on the border with Ecuador. We offer all kinds of information about touristic places, holidays, experiences, special package deals and also look forward to levelling up tourism in Putumayo. We are owned by InfoCASE Colombia, Ingeniería de Software, E.U and are based in Florencia - Caquetá Colombia.

The word putumayo comes from the Quechua languages. The verb p'utuy means "to spring forth" or "to burst out," and mayu means river. Thus, it means "gushing river." The total area of this astonishing land is 24,885 km2. So, as you can see there is a lot to visit and to offer since its hydrography is absolutely amazing because of the rivers, the lakes and the waterfalls, its fauna and flora is unique and interesting, and its gastronomy is exquisite. What we do is to integrate and create packages and deals that are affordable and suitable for all potential tourists including families. Our target audience is those whose passion is to travel and embrace nature and adventure. We want to provide all the touristic information they need about Putumayo along with package deals and adventure activities such as abseiling, rappel, whitewater rafting, trekking, hiking, and so on. 

Increasingly, we are moving from Conventional tourism to Ecotourism. Some experts estimate that ecotourism now represents 11.4% of all consumer spending. It is pretty important for millennials to keep the natural heritage well preserved as the key element for ecotourists, followed by the observation of flora/fauna, outdoor life experiences in protected natural areas, and the accommodation in the middle of nature. Adventure Tourism is also rising fast in our market.

We knew back then that .travel domains were very important to be recognized in the travel and tourism community. So, we didn’t stop to think about other options, we went straight to obtain our own .travel domain. .travel gives us the opportunity to define our tourism identity on the Internet, the possibility to make Putumayo known worldwide and contribute to the growth of our company.

Visit our site to plan your visit to one of the world's best kept secrets in 2018 and find the best deals.

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