Wednesday, November 29, 2017 Lost something?

Laptops, smartphones, iPods, iPads and purses are expensive items to lose. They also contain a lot of our valuable personal information. With identity-theft on the rise, we simply cannot afford not to find our valuable lost possessions. Like many great ideas, MISIT™ grew out of a needs-based field. MISIT™ has been reuniting travelers with their lost property at ease for a price that is affordable. The close relationships we have fostered with airport and airline operators across the globe has enabled us to recover lost items on-board inbound/outbound planes, in airport terminals and various business establishments within the airport. This relationship is key for items to be returned to their rightful owners as swiftly as possible. Our sophisticated technology and dedicated, conscientious staff are able to make the reclaiming of lost property as easy as possible for our clients.

Our unique system links a vast network of locations where lost items may be recorded and gathered, creating a centralized database of items found across the globe. Passengers searching for their misplaced items can log their inquiries online, allowing the search for possible matches within our database to begin. This includes any other location that seems fit to finding your lost property. Our system handles lost property not only with airports and airlines around the world, but also incorporates shopping centers and other business located within the airports, allowing our network to grow continuously. Due to our success rate and request from customers, we have recently added other modes of transportation including Amtrak, New York’s MTA bus and subway system, NJ Transit, BART, MBTA, CTA, METRA, Metro-North Rail, and PATCO.

Once found, claimed and verified, items can either be collected from the lost property desks located where the item was found, or they can be sent directly to the claimant. Courier services enable us to reunite passengers with their property wherever they, or their lost property, may be located. Regretfully, most locations cannot store lost items indefinitely. For example, some airports have a 30 day holding policy, others have one for 90 days (each location is different). This allows only a small window of opportunity to retrieve your lost property. Luckily, MISIT™ is here to help, putting a detective on your case whose number one mission is finding what rightfully belongs to you.

We all love to travel, but the inconvenience of losing your possessions can ruin your journey. Luckily, MISIT™ can reunite you with your belongings at the click of a button; providing you with good luck!

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