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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

No cookie cutters: Design your dream vacation with Great Getaways

Let’s face it: Cookie-cutter vacations are great if you’re a cookie cutter. At Great Getaways, www.greatgetaways.travel, we design honest-to-goodness dream vacations. And because our clients around the world have trusted us with spinning their travel fantasies into reality for 22 years, we take great care in doing what we do best: collaborating with your desires, and taking them to the highest level of perfection.

The Back Story.

Barbara King founded Great Getaways Travel in 1992 as a concierge-style boutique travel company. Having traveled the world, King understood the need for knowledgeable, professional advisors. The first agency in the metropolitan Kansas City area to be invited to join Virtuoso, in April, 1996, King has held steadfast to the mission of creating unparalleled life experiential vacations for her clients.

Great Getaways Travel consistently ranks as one of the area’s top agencies and is the only one whose entire focus is on vacations and leisure travel. In recent years Great Getaways has ranked in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in KC, most recently at #67; King has been honored as one of the Top 100 Kansas Citians; and Great Getaways was inducted into the prestigious 25 Under 25, as a top company with under 25 employees.


Want to swim with sharks on the Tahitian island of Moorea or try dog-sledding on an Alaskan glacier? Perhaps you’re looking for tranquility and inner peace in Hawaii? Maybe you want an exceptional family-bonding Villa vacation? A Mediterranean cruise? Or perhaps you want to experience suborbital gravity miles above the Earth?

Whatever your personal travel desire, however far from home you wish to wander, whatever sights, sounds, vistas, and cultures you want to experience, Great Getaways is dedicated to making it happen. Our award-winning travel specialists are recognized both nationally and internationally as destination and interest experts.

With more than a century of combined experience, our specialists are enthusiastic travelers and intrepid explorers of cities, islands, countries, oceans, and continents. Their sophisticated and rich knowledge of the current travel market ensures that you’ll be presented with a travel dossier detailing the best of the best.


Our advisors have earned numerous honors and awards such as:

• Top Travel Specialist by CONDE NAST TRAVELER

• Specialist by the Tanzania Tourism Board and South Africa Tourism Board

• Specialist by the New Zealand Tourist Board

• Specialist by the Australia Tourist Board

• Disney Destination Specialist and graduate of Disney College of Knowledge

• Millennial Travel Specialists

• Virgin Galactic’s “Accredited Space Agent” designation selling suborbital space flights


In today’s internet-savvy world, many people choose to take control of their vacation plans. And we’ve heard the less-than-enthusiastic reviews of self-planned travel: undisclosed travel times, the luxury hotel suite that was anything but luxurious, and the lackluster tour guide. While some travelers like the risk and ‘adventure’ of do-it-yourself planning, discriminating travelers who demand experiential, unique, and soul-satisfying travel like the peace of mind a specialist offers.

At Great Getaways, our travel specialists are your advocates: experienced professionals who are accountable for the time and money you are investing in your vacation. We invite you to find the Great Getaways travel specialist who will make your next vacation a life experience.

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