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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Zambia’s Savannah Southern Safaris

LIVINGSTONE, Zambia – In Livingstone, the tourist capital of Zambia and home to Victoria falls, Savannah Southern Safaris conducts nature walks and more in the Musi-O-Tunya National Park. What began as the brain child of a local guide, has a become a tour operator with more than a decade of experience in guiding. Savannah Southern Safaris was founded on the principal and spirit of conducting nature walks, city and village tours, as well as community-based projects in a more interactive, flexible, informative, and excitingly educative way. The company aims to be every nature lover's walking safari partner with conservation in focus, providing a more natural and eco-friendly way of viewing game, birds, flora, and fauna. 

Musi-O-Tunya National Park hosts one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the Shungunamutitima falls, commonly known as the Victoria Falls. It is also home to three out of the big five animal species which include Zambia’s white rhino population, elephants, and buffaloes. Transfers to and from the park are provided. Also provided are park entry fees, professional guides, armed scout escorts, light snacks, and drinks.

What makes Savannah Southern Safaris’ walks special, apart from its professional experienced knowledgeable and friendly local guides, is the flexibility on time. The tour emphasis is on environmental awareness making the walks more than flora and fauna focused.

The standard duration of tours is three hours. However, depending on what nature offers on any particular tour, guides are always willing to go longer.

Another niche product which can safely be claimed to be leading in the Musi-o-Tunya National Park is birding. With a steady growing interest in this area, Savannah Southern Safaris is currently so far the only company servicing birders. It also is the only provider for night-life tour services.


Savannah Southern Safaris provides personalized guiding services through its GOH services (Guides On Hire). GOH is a program of continuous training and retraining of young Zambian guides in specialized and personalized guiding. Guides may be hired at varying costs depending on preferred tours, and include:

-           Falls tours, city and village tours

-           Tours to community-based projects

-           City tours that include private art studios, museums, markets, and night clubs

-           Tours to community-based projects, including orphanages, bio-gas production plants, and youth training centers


Since the foundation of Savannah Southern Safaris, the company has also worked specifically with German travelers. Its experience with German tourists is that they are usually well-informed, environmental, and culturally-conscious people. Due to this, Savannah Southern Safaris work to attract more guests from the German market. 

Savannah Southern Safaris is managed by its Zambian founder, Chiinga Siavwapa, and his wife, Nina Börning, who is a German citizen, but has lived in Zambia for the past 8 years. This combined knowledge of Zambian and German culture, as well as the company’s passion for nature and the people they work with, allows them to tailor very attractive offers for the German market.


Zambian is a prospering country. The friendliness of its people is outstanding. The country’s nature is full of amazing experiences and adventures. It is an amazing combination of untouched nature, amazing adventure travel experience, and well-organized tours.  

Accommodation is available from backpackers, community-driven guesthouses, eco-lodges, all the way up to 5-star accommodation, so that each traveler can find what s/he needs.

Next to this tourism infrastructure, Zambia is also a melting pot for more than 72 different cultures, living peacefully in this nation for more than 50 years. This cultural stability makes it easy and pleasurable to work in the area of tourism in Zambia.

For more information about Savannah Southern Safaris, click here: www.savannah-southern-safaris.com

For more information about Zambia, click here: http://www.zambiatourism.com/

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