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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Phoenix Communications Launches First Expert Guided Art Tours on Bali - Artpreciation

Bali, Indonesia- the first expert guided art tour experience on Bali called Artpreciation was 
created and launched by Phoenix Communications in 2015, and is now available for booking via www.artpreciation.co.id

Even though Indonesian province of Bali is celebrated tourist destination known for its luscious tropical landscapes and warm hospitality, Balinese culture and art are unique gems that deserve the discerning traveler’s undivided attention. Despite the continuing influx of westernization, Bali’s traditional way of life persists and is deeply interwoven with art, through dance, painting, musical performance and the architecture of the island’s many temples and traditional houses. 

On this island art is a sacred form of worship; the artist performs a sort of a meditation or trance while engaging in art, connecting the unseen world of the gods with the everyday world of humans during the process. Children start learning the arts at a very early stage, and remain keen to continue living their unique traditions.

Most art in Bali is based on the stories from the Hindu epics the Ramayana and the 
Mahabharata--and also on indigenous stories, where Barong and Rangda -are fighting the 
everlasting battle between good and evil. It is through art, music, dance and puppets that the epic sacred stories are conveyed to the audience.

From the 16th to the 20th century, East Bali was the centre of classical Balinese art. During the early 1900s, Ubud established a reputation as the new cultural epicenter. Ubud and Batuan are known for their paintings, Mas for woodcarving, Celuk for gold and silver smiths, and Batubulan for stone carving.
Until the 1920s, Bali's painting followed the traditional “kamasan” style, with two-dimensional drawings drawn on cloth or “ulatanga” (bark) paper. Colours were limited to available natural dyes, mostly red, ochre and black. With the arrival of many Western artists in the 1930s, Bali became an artists' enclave. Local artists experimented with new materials and colours, merging old and new with ease, but the results were still distinctively Balinese. 

This so-called "modern traditional Balinese painting" thrives, highly regarded, to this day. It is on display at several museums worldwide, notably at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, the Leiden Museum, the 
Asian Art Museum in Fukuoka and the Singapore National Art Museum.

Artpreciation is a program of discovery of Balinese art. This expertly guided journey to knowledge includes talks by art experts, visits to galleries and museums, visiting hotels with extensive art collections and exclusive access to the marvelous studios of prominent artists from the “Island of the Gods” itself. 

Several combinations withing an art tour are available such as a visit to museum and an artist studio, or you can add 
in a hotel art collection including a 3 course lunch…!

For more information and booking please contact artpreciation@phoenix.co.id

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