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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Never Worry About a Negative Headline… Ever Again

Ever wondered what happens to a travel company when something bad happens?

Maybe that ‘bad thing’ is a fatal accident.  Or hackers create a data privacy breach.  Or something as simple as a novice guide issuing the wrong instructions… so a customer’s ankle gets broken.

When headlines go negative, things spiral out of control. 

Social media ignites, bookings drop, agencies and suppliers walk away… and a travel company has to spend thousands of dollars in marketing just to restore their public image.

That scenario is far too common.  It happens nearly every day.

It’s scary enough that most companies do their best, but merely HOPE a crisis never happens. 

Hope is not a solution.  The solution is a new, innovative product being called CrisisTether.

CrisisTether reverses the risk.  It’s like an insurance policy built for reputation.

Customers pay a flat-fee each month.  In exchange, they get a dedicated hotline, where a crisis communicator is on stand-by, able to create customized advice on exactly what to do or say to calm angry stakeholders and negative headlines.

News Releases are quickly written and distributed to international media.  A customized message is pushed to the world, to counter what others are saying.

In the event of a major crisis, a CrisisTether communicator will even drop everything and come straight to the business or facility.  The whole crisis quickly evaporates.

It’s ALL included for the same flat monthly fee.

CrisisTether allows travel company owners to sleep at night knowing someone is protecting their back.  It provides consistent, monthly budget assurance.

CrisisTether starts at $349 a month.  More information can be found here.

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