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Monday, March 7, 2016

JITO CONNECTED bravely launches the world’s global social media-networking platform for the travel and hospitality industry

Inspired by all the major social media sites, but realizing they are all too broad for us to belong to… JITO CONNECTED was created!

As we grow socially online, we recognize our lives bleed into work and work into our lives, so why not share and connect to help grow our careers, our businesses, our friendships and our industry.

The problem we have solved – there is no industry specific social media platform that allows us to connect, belong and share relevant content that is just industry specific and build networks in real time. This platform can help the industry be more connected globally.


Why would consumers use JC over other social media platforms?

To answer this question, we need to understand these other social media platforms and what they achieve and fail on a brief scale.


Facebook is a great social media site but there is no real benefit for a business to use Facebook because you have no idea who the audience is that you are connecting with… sure they might like “travel” but who are you targeting? Your post you spent an hour creating is now 5 hours down the newsfeed page and lost amongst all the photo posts and the funny cat videos. “Tell me where’s the professional respect when your brand is above pool party photo and below a funny stupid video of a guy riding a lawn mower?”


Instagram is purely based on imagery, It’s a great site for any person or business that is based in selling an attractive product, it’s an entire database of invaluable pictures, that grabs the consumer within an instant and holds their attention long enough for either a like, follow or click through to website (shop).


LinkedIn is a giant ocean of resumes that consists of millions of different industries. The shared content is not all relevant just to our industry.

Now these social media sites are all great, and they all have their own purpose with millions of people using either one or more of these sites, but that’s it... as they are so broad, they don’t cater enough for businesses, nor do they have enough benefit for our industry to network and grow!

That’s where JITO CONNECTED was born!

We wanted to build one place where our specific industry could network, connect and belong…

We wanted to take a simple event like the jito networking night and make it last much longer than the night. Where people who meet could continue to network, and brands “companies” could post relevant real time industry content direct to our community. Brands and people can finally connect and find each other! Where your work life becomes a part of a social networking community that is fun, relevant, interesting and career enhancing!

• Share & read relevant industry content
• Be inspired and help inspire others
• Follow industry brands and keep updated in their world
• Register for events and let the geo location map guide you
• Share updates, photos, videos and articles
• Connect to people within the industry
• Chat and have conversations
• Set add a reminder for events direct to your calendar
• Search for people by names, job titles, companies, and events
• Get notified when friends like, comment or tag on your posts
• Grow your professional network and stay connected
• Help grow your career and connect with the right people

The JITO CONNECTED APP is available to be download from APPLE and Google Play stores.

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