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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg offers exclusive tours of Romero Britto’s exhibition

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg has partnered with Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, which will unveil “RomeroBritton: The Formula of Success” this September. It will be Russia’s first ever exhibition of the work of world-famous pop-art icon Romero Britto. Guests staying at Corinthia St. Petersburg are invited to enjoy exclusive guided tours of the exhibition, hosted by the Gallery Manager, from September 5 through December 13, 2015.

“Art can make you look at things differently, it can give you the strength to take off,” says Romero Britto, whose critics already refer to as a “pop-art icon” of our generation. His unconventional style that The New York Times described as “radiating warmth, optimism and love,” coupled together with bright colors and a sense of humor, has brought this naturally-talented artist worldwide success and collaborations with celebrities and brands. Britto uses vibrant colors, whimsical subjects and abstract compositions, saying, “I started to draw to bring light and color to my own life. I'm happy to be able to share my vision of a better world with the others.” For further information on Romero Britto, click here: http://www.erarta.com/ru/calendar/detail/44df9729-3140-11e5-98a1-8920284aa333/

Exclusive tours of his exhibition can be booked through the five-star Corinthia St. Petersburg’s concierge team, and are available from 11:00 am-9:00 pm every day (September 5-December 13), except on Tuesdays. Tickets to the exhibition cost 450 RUB (approximately $7), with the added insights of the Gallery Manager entirely complimentary. Book now via: concierge.stpetersburg@corinthia.com

On the opening day of the exhibition, September 5, 2015, Romero Britto himself will also hold an art workshop for children aged 6 and over. The children are invited to create their own vibrant pop-art creations and will be guided through the creative process by the renowned artist. For more information on the children’s workshop, click here: http://www.erarta.com/en/calendar/events/detail/be98bf2f-3c36-11e5-98a1-8920284aa333/

For more information on Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg, please see: http://www.corinthia.com/hotels/stpetersburg/

For more information on Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, please see: http://www.erarta.com/

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