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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Want to see a volcanic eruption? Here are the fares to get to Reunion Island

The present outbreak of the Piton de la Fournaise has raised keen interest in many parts of the world. Read on how to get to Reunion Island and get a glimpse of the fire-spitting mountain.


If I were to compress the following into just three mentions I would say: Reunion is hot, the airfares are hotter, but the volcano is the hottest of them all.


Since Sunday, May 17, the Piton de la Fournaise has decided to roll out a fiery red carpet for the second time this year. Is anyone tempted to meet up with the fire-breathing mountain of Reunion Island?


Airlines Air Austral and Corsair, in partnership with Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) offer flights from mainland France, Europe, Africa, and the Indian Ocean region to the island at special rates, to make the goal of meeting this “fire spitting dragon” come true.




The IRT partnered with airlines Air Austral and Corsair for visitors to experience an extraordinary light show and go to meet the Piton de la Fournaise, which erupted on Sunday, May 17. Good news never comes alone, so visitors can also enjoy the early season whales, from June to October, which come to the area to find the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean close to the coast of Reunion Island.


Air Austral


From metropolitan France, Air Austral regional airline offers special rates to 695 € TTC from Paris and from € 755 TTC provinces with TGV Air. Live in Europe? Promotional flight rates are established from Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland:


           Brussels => Reunion 755 € TTC


           Zurich => Meeting: 1014 CHF TTC


           Frankfurt => Reunion 973 € TTC


           Munich => meeting: € 964 TTC


           Berlin => meeting: € 959 TTC


Travelers can benefit from these rates for all bookings made from Wednesday, May 20, June 1, 2015 in tourist class, for departures from May 20 to June 30, 2015 (last departure).


For the people of the Vanilla Islands and South Africa, Air Austral offers low fare tickets departing from South Africa, Mayotte, Mauritius, Madagascar, and Seychelles:


           Mayotte => Reunion 255 € TTC


           Maurice => Meeting: 6737 MUR TTC


           South Africa => Meeting: 4444 ZAR VAT


           Antananarivo => Reunion: 271 USD TTC


           Seychelles => Reunion: TTC 4195 SCR


Travelers can benefit from these rates for bookings made from May 20 to June 1, 2015 in tourist class for travel between May 20 and June 30 (last return).




As of Monday, May 18, travelers can enjoy a special rate of 696 € TTC from Paris, on sale until May 31 with a return no later than June 18, 2015. Live in the provinces? Corsair has also set up a path traveled by TGV air to allow travelers to reach the capital from 18 French cities. The price: 60 € extra for a round trip, to add to the price of the plane ticket. 



XL Airways


To attend this exceptional show, XL Airways offers special fares from Metropolitan France to Reunion.


           from Paris => 600 € VAT


As of Monday, May 25, 2015 and on sale until May 31, with a return on or before June 25, 2015.


           from Lyon => € 599 TTC


As of June 3, 2015 and on sale until May 31, with a return at the latest of June 25, 2015.


           from Marseille => € 630 TTC


As of May 28, 2015 and on sale until May 31, with a return on or before June 23 2015.


When on the island, walking on the slopes of this sulfuric fire-breathing volcano is an essential activity. Adventurers in search of intense emotions, do not hesitate, do not wait! Visitors will get to watch the eruptions and liquid lava flowing down the slopes of this effusive basaltic volcano from a safe distance - a colorful show not to be missed!

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