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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The benefits of a .travel domain

The .travel top-level domain registry announced last year that Tourism Fiji, the official travel and tourism agency of the government of Fiji, had registered the name FIJI.TRAVEL and launched www.Fiji.travel as its official tourism website.
Joining many other countries in the use of their .travel name, Fiji is taking advantage of the fact that the .travel domain name provides travelers with instant online identification of their country and their tourism portal.
With hundreds of millions of domain names now registered, clear identity is a crucial component in building an Internet presence. In the near future, many hundreds of new top-level domains will enter the market, and Fiji.travel will continue to stand out. Other country governments have made the same move to .travel.
Take a look at Germany.travel Colombia.travel Egypt.travel Ecuador.travel Canada.travel to see how countries are taking advantage of .travel to define their tourism identity on the Internet.
Details of the .travel domain program may be found at www.travel.travel and through any .travel authorized registrar listed at www.registrar.travel. Please address any inquiries to info@travel.travel .

1 comment:

  1. The .travel domain name has been a joke since it launched and continues to be an over-priced domain sold by an organization that preys on the less than savvy tourism boards around the world by somehow convincing them that it will benefit them in some way. It doesn't. This article above is a perfect example since the main argument appears to be "look, everyone else is doing it, and so should you." Having a .travel domain name does nothing to help the destination 'stand out' and means absolutely nothing to the consumer.