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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The 1st World Halal Leisure, Business Travel (MICE), Umrah, Umrah Plus and Islamic Tourism Meeting & Workshop.

Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, U.K will be the place where over 200 Travel professionals from 40 countries will meet for One day on 2nd November 2014 to exchange Halal Lesiure, Business Travel (MICE), Umrah, Umrah Plus and Islamic Tourism apportunities and packages between them.

Halal Lesiure simply means that when Muslims families from Middle East, North Africa, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and from around the world traveling for their vacations, they would be interested to stay in Hotels that offer Halal food for them in the restaurants, also they would be interested not to let their children see alcohol in the room refrigerator and to find the (Qibla) directions and a pray carpet in the room. The expression Halal Lesiure is also used when Muslim honeymooners are planning to enjoy their honeymoon in a private villa with a private pool, also means to offer Ladies privacy in pools, beachs and Spa’s so they can swim and enjoy their sun without being watch by men as it’s not allowed in Islam religion, that all and more is goes under Halal Lesiure.

Flying in a Halal Airlines is also would be an interest for Muslims families, they and their childrens might be confused if for example they sit in a chair while in the second chair someone is having alcohol.

As for Halal Business Travel (MICE), the same above but adding that in Meetings and Conventions whether in Islamic Countries or worldwide, some Muslims delegates would be satisfied when Halal food is offered for them and No alcohol on tables.

Incentives Halal Travel, means when associations in Islamic Countries offers their members an Incentive tour, they would like also to receive Halal services and that’s make them more happy and satisfied.

The Umrah to Saudi Arabia is a religion program, where around 8 million Muslims (piligrims) visit Makkah and Madinah every year in Saudi Arabia during the year to make Umrah, The Umrah Plus, means that before making Umrah in Saudi Arabia or after, piligrims would be interested to visit another country as Halal Leisure Travel, Palestine is a major Umrah Plus destination when the Muslims would be satisfied and happy when visiting Qubat al Sakhra and Al Aqsha Mosque in Jerusalem.

And Last Islamic Tourism expression was founded first by Mr. A.S. Shakiry, when he published the Islamic Tourism Magazine in 5 languages and was distributed worldwide by his staff in bookshops and Travel fairs, Mr. Shakiry wrote hundreds of articles about Islamic Tourism. Islamic Tourism in general means to offer over 1.4 Billion Muslims around the world the packages and services to enjoy there travel, to see the Islamic heritage around the world, to support Islamic communities and economy.

For the above reasons and much more and as over 50000 travel professionals are coming to London for the WTM between 3-6 Novemebr 2014, I took the intitaive to organise this 1st World Halal Lesiure, Incemtives, Business Trvel (MICE), Umrah, Umrah Plus and Islamic Tourism Workshop in London on 2 nd November 2014, some of 200 travel porfessionals form 40 countores have registeres to attend as Trade Visiotrs and Suppliers.

You are most welcome to attend the event, it’s free entrance.
For mre information about some of the delegates joining the event, pls visit

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