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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gorilla Highlands about to launch new tourist experience

Miha Logar, and his team of Gorilla Highlands fame, is in the process of launching yet another tourism activity, named ‘Batwa Today’ which focuses, as the name suggests, on the culture and lifestyle of the Batwa people, a tribe which lives in the border triangle of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

Following a series of feature articles a year ago about a visit to Uganda’s Southwest, the area from Kabale via Kisoro to Mt. Mgahinga and from Lake Mutanda, home to the famous Chameleon Hill Lodge, on to Nkuringo and across the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, added much interest in this part of Uganda.

Since then, Edirisa Canoe Trekking gained popularity and as a result it was possible to add more features for tourists coming to the Southwest of the country to gain a grassroots experience and see what life in rural Africa is really like. The program is currently a working document, but it still gives an insight of what visitors can expect to become reality in October this year, when the latest innovation by Miha Logar and his team finally launches.

More information about Edirisa can be found via www.edirisa.org or www.studio.ug and the Gorilla Highlands story is accessible via the Apple Store where the entire book can be purchases at a nominal price.

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