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Monday, June 16, 2014

Vanilla Islands invites locals to join in Facebook event

The Vanilla Islands Organization (VIO) is launching a social media operation to encourage locals to show Internet users how they see their island.

The tourism promotion of a region is often quite difficult as it is not only reliant on the choices made by the location`s officials and representatives, but also on the quality of the images that are shown of that location.

The Vanilla Islands Organisation wants locals to participate in its promotion on the various social media options so that the images that are published offer a wider selection of the Vanilla Islands showing different perspectives and a wider variety of photos depicting what these islands have to offer. And who better to ask than someone who lives there?

The Vanilla Islands consists of the Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion Island, Mauritius, Comoros, Mayotte, and Maldives. From these Indian Ocean islands, the VIO is planning to launch the social media operation as “Carte Blanche from..."

Each week a photographer on each island of the Vanilla Island group will have editorial "Carte Blanche" to choose the photos that s/he finds most representative of their own particular island. This photographer will have free artistic reign without interference or proposition from the staff of the Vanilla Islands. In this way, s/he will participae directly to show Internet users their own personal vision of tourism on their island.

The action starts with a young photographer, Lionel Ghighi, who will show what he considers to represent the best of Reunion Island. Beginning tomorrow, you will find this photographer`s choices at: https://www.facebook.com/Iles.Vanille.Vanilla.Islands

You can also show appreciation of his work at: http://lionelghighi.com

For those who wish to be part of this unique and exciting social media adventure, just apply by email at info@vanilla-islands.org

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