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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reduce My Footprint makes offsetting your travel carbon footprint easy

Everything that we do leaves a carbon footprint on this Earth, whether taking a flight to a beachside resort, washing your clothes, lighting your home, or enjoying a Sunday drive. As reports of the growing climate issue worldwide increase, the necessity to react to preserve our planet Earth becomes ever more essential. The question becomes, can we offset our carbon footprint? The answer is yes, but our daily decisions and counteractions need to be part of the process to preserve a global environment, which allows us to continue to thrive.

Reduce My Footprint, www.ReduceMyFootprint.travel , was created late in 2007 as a carbon reduction program set up by ABTA, The Travel Association, with the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO). Reduce My Footprint, a UK-based, not-for-profit organization, aims to deliver carbon reduction for individuals and companies through its informational website and seminars on how to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, at ReduceMyFootprint.travel, users have the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions by purchasing CO2 reductions. With the monies received through such purchases, Reduce My Footprint funds projects around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in places such as India, South Africa, Brazil, Cyprus, Kenya, The Gambia, Tobago, Sri Lanka, Yucatan, and others.

As a travel trade organization, ABTA acknowledges that tourism can have adverse effects on the environment and climate; thus, it is committed to work to mitigate these effects wherever and whenever possible. It is with the launch of ReduceMyFootprint.travel that ABTA educates the public and travel industry about offsetting carbon dioxide emissions.

At ReduceMyFootprint.travel, individuals and businesses can use the Carbon Calculator to determine the quantity of carbon emissions for travel, commuting, and daily activities. As a way to compensate for these emissions produced through holiday travel and daily activities, users may buy offsets for an equal amount to the quantity of their emissions.

Reduce My Footprint believes that no action or contribution is too small. In fact, many of the things that the public can do daily are ridiculously small, such as washing your clothes 10 degrees lower, cycling to work, carpooling, or using alternate lighting and heating solutions in your home; however, all of the small things collectively have an enormous impact on the environment.

“As a trade organization, it is our corporate responsibility to educate consumers and trade businesses that the decision to travel needs to be part of the carbon emissions equation,” stated the Head of Business Development and Consumer Affairs at ABTA, “Everything we do on this Earth leaves a carbon footprint, but the efforts to offset that footprint are the difference.”

To get involved in offsetting your carbon emissions, please visit www.ReduceMyFootprint.travel to learn about its different programs for individuals and businesses. It is everyone’s responsibility to help preserve Mother Earth for future generations.

Details of the .travel domain program may be found at www.travel.travel and through any .travel authorized registrar listed at www.registrar.travel. Please address any inquiries to info@travel.travel .

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