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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The British Columbia experience gets Exposure to the world

Exposure is an adventure travel company that is designed to cater to the adventurous wealthy elite. The company was founded in September 2007 by two passionate travelers, Nick Gudewill and Cory Matheson. Launching their website – www.exposure.travel – in January 2008, Exposure’s founders realized that there was a great need for a tour operator that left lasting impressions on its travelers while making only a limited environmental impact. Their vision was to bring everything that British Columbia has to offer to the rest of the world. “We wanted to convey that we are a travel and touring company without having to specifically say that in our company name. Having a .travel domain solved this problem for us as it clearly says we are travel, but allows us to build our brand name simply as Exposure. We like the word 'Exposure' because our tours are exactly that,” said Mr. Gudewill. 

When it comes to marketing its site, www.exposure.travel is ahead of the curve. In addition to prominently displaying its .travel name on all of their newspaper editorials, outdoor signage, and all company apparel, it was also featured in a TV series called “Word Travels,” which broadcasts on OLN in Canada and the National Geographic Adventure channel worldwide. 

When asked how their site benefits from the .travel name, Mr. Gudewill replied, “The .travel clearly communicates that we are in the business of selling travel.  However, in the online travel world, people have been taught to hunt for the best price, not to hunt for the best experience.  We hope that by having a .travel site it will give us a stamp of approval that provides credibility so people actually want to come back and use us again.” With a beautiful site featuring adventures to all parts of British Columbia, www.exposure.travel has grown into one of the world’s best luxury adventure travel sites. 

Serving as a travel agency, tour operator, and gateway to the best of British Columbia, Exposure offers customized, all-inclusive, fully-escorted, eco-friendly touring with local resources. For more information on Exposure, please visit www.exposure.travel  

Details of the .travel domain program may be found at www.travel.travel and through any .travel authorized registrar listed at www.registrar.travel. Please address any inquiries to info@travel.travel .

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  1. Well Exposure sounds a resource where those traveling to Europe can depend on when planning on business tours or may be even a family tours for stay and sight seeing.