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Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Travel Industry Platform PEP.TRAVEL offers partners lucrative audience

Special deals for deal makers

PEP.Travel, a Zurich based internet platform offers travel agents and insiders more first-hand experience with the products and services that they sell.

Working in the travel industry may promise a jet-setting lifestyle and all the perks in the most exotic destinations. But even for travel industry experts, traveling can be expensive and getting the perfect deal isn’t always easy. This is where PEP.Travel comes in. PEP stands for both personal experience program and personal education program and will help travel insiders take advantage of special deals so that they can visit the destinations that they want to sell. Their trips will give them further professional experience and the chance to explore what makes each destination unique.

Airlines, hotels, rail services and any other stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry are strongly encouraged to become PEP.Travel partners. By offering special rates for travel insiders, partners will reap the rewards of reciprocity. With a deeper understanding of the services and products that partners have to offer, travel agents will be better equipped to sell those products to their clients. Through increased first-hand knowledge travel agents can provide their customers with information that will ensure that they have a more enjoyable travel experience. PEP.Travel partners will quickly notice that they become preferred booking partners by travel insiders, and will experience increased travelers , patrons and guests.

Becoming a partner is easy – just register on the new PEP.Travel platform. PEP.Travel will then market your special fares and rates to its travel industry members. Bookings and reservations will however all be completed through your website or booking system. PEP.Travel aims to be a transparent platform that makes travel affordable for industry insiders, while creating value for the entire travel and tourism industry.

For more information on becoming a PEP.Travel member or partner, visit the website: www.pep.travel

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