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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Have an Exciting Experience Landing a Boeing 737 by Yourself in the Flight Simulator at Frankfurt Airport

Ready for take-off: At Frankfurt Airport, passengers and visitors can fly a Boeing 737 themselves. Get a briefing, climb into the cockpit and off you go. The HOLM Forum in the connector building linking Terminal 1 with the Long-distance Train Station is equipped with a flight simulator that promises exciting experiences at “zero altitude”. It gives technology and aviation fans a chance to pilot a Boeing 737, which is the world’s best-selling commercial airliner – with about 7,500 sold to date. To really get into the flying spirit, why not combine a session in the flight simulator with an airport tour of the apron (offered by Fraport’s Visitor Services). By taking the tour you pay only 62 euros instead of 69 euros for 30 minutes in the simulator. Gift vouchers, without prior appointment (walk in) are available and start at 79 euros.

Hop into the captain’s seat where you will receive instructions on how to use the trim wheel, rudder pedals, thrust, landing gear, flap settings, as well as on how to read the instrument panel. Then, off you fly. On the instrument panel there is a navigation console, an onboard computer, an autopilot (functional), an artificial horizon and much more – everything needed to simulate an actual Boeing 737. An experienced pilot guides you with procedures, aircraft handling and the necessary information required to operate this “fixed-base” simulator. This simulator does not have a moving hydraulic platform.

The most spectacular landing approaches include the Hong Kong approach, which guides you between Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, for instance. A further highlight is the approach through the narrow Inn Valley to Innsbruck in Austria. The airport on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, where the aircraft sets down just behind a bustling beach, is equally exciting. Of course, hobby pilots can also take off and land at Frankfurt Airport. For more information, contact the Joffi Company, which operates this simulator:  visit www.joffi.com or call +49 (0) 6171 981067.

The simulator is part of Frankfurt Airport’s “Great to Have You Here!” quality service program.  Fraport AG launched this program to introduce a wide range of service enhancements, making the airport more attractive for passengers and visitors at Germany’s largest aviation hub. By the way, 58 million passengers used Frankfurt Airport in 2013.

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