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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Grand Canyon Tours' Offering Sweetheart Deals on National Park Trips

Travelers wishing to experience Grand Canyon National Park this Valentines' Holiday can expect some sweet deals on tours ranging from helicopter to coach trips. 

Valentine's falls on Friday, Feb. 14, which makes this special occasion ideal for a three-day weekend. "It's especially fortuitous because it gives travelers more time to enjoy the National Park," said Keith Kravitz, owner of Grand Canyon 123, the Park's leading provider of tour and travel information. 

The tours that are most inclined to sell out are helicopter rides, noted Kravitz. "In particular is the Champagne Package," he added. "It's the one that goes to the bottom of the Canyon. The views are simply spectacular. There's no better way to celebrate." 

It needs to be noted that the bottom-landing trip is only available from Las Vegas, NV. Additionally, helicopters are only allowed to land at the bottom at the West Rim. "Many travelers think such flights are available at the South Rim," said Kravitz. "This isn't the case because such trips are banned by the National Park Service." 

In regards to South Rim helicopter tours, travelers can choose from 30-minute and 50-minute flights. "The longer tour is by far the way to go," said Kravitz. "The trip takes off from the airport in Tusayan and covers nearly 75 percent of the Canyon by the time travelers deplane. It's by far the best way to do the GNCP if time is limited." 

Other tours expected to be popular with the Valentines crowd include airplane and bus tours. "Airplane and bus tours will be running as regularly scheduled," Kravitz said. "Planes will be departing hourly and buses once in the morning so make plans accordingly." 

The Las Vegas airplane tour that gets the most love is the direct flight to the South Rim. It's a 60-minute flight and comes with an in-Park guided tour by bus that lasts approximately 2.5 hours. The Vegas bus trip that's expected to do well also goes to the South Rim. 

At South Rim, the most popular plane ride is the 50-minute flight. It follows the same flight plan as the helicopter ride except at a higher altitude. "The other thing about this plane tour is price," said Kravitz. "It's cheaper than the helicopter ride and a great value." 

Travelers are advised to make advanced reservations. For the most part, it's recommended to do so at least 72 hours ahead of time. "The one thing to avoid is waiting until arriving at the destination and making a booking," said Kravitz. "This will result in two things. First, the tour might be sold out. And if it's not, then expect to pay more for it." 

As for price, Kravitz recommends that travelers book online in order to capture savings. "The Web is the place where most tour operators post great deals," he said. "Often there are specials that can save savvy travelers up to 35 percent off the retail price. That's a pretty big savings, especially for a group of two or more people." 

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Las Vegas-based Grand Canyon 123 is the National Park's number one provider of tour information and more. The company focuses its efforts on providing details, deals and pricing on West Rim and South Rim tours from Las Vegas, NV, Tusayan, AZ, and Phoenix, AZ. Launched in 2008, Grand Canyon 123 website features live chat so travelers can talk directly with an expert in order to get the perfect tour. Additionally, there are a number of free reports that offer visitors tips on how to get helicopter, airplane, bus and rafting excursions at the lowest rates possible. The official website can be visited at: http://grandcanyon123.com/

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