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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Climb Thailand’s Phu Kradeung and marry at the peak

A great poet once wrote, “The course of true love never did run smooth” but in Thailand, the path is also a rather steep one. This is especially true for couples getting married on top of Phu Kradeung, one of the highest mountains in the northernmost part of the Thailand’s northeastern region.
Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said, “Hiking to the summit of Phu Kradeung, which means climbing some 1,325 metres above sea level, has long been the ultimate test for many Thai trekkers.

“It is a test of true love for couples who want to tie the knot on the mountain’s peak. If couples can tackle this hard and steep trail then the path of marriage and true love will always seem smooth in comparison. They will also enjoy a stunning location in which to make a commitment to their partner and they’ll enjoy a day to remember forever”.

Phu Kradeung’s steep slopes are home to different types of topical forest and bamboo, so the 9 km trek from the foot of the mountain to the sandy pine savannah at the peak can be made among pleasant greenery, but the path is still steep and will certainly test the dedication to a relationship and partnership. The people of Thailand have always seen the hike as a way of proving true love and even true friendships.

And if the walkers do reach the summit’s plateau, still hand in hand and still in love, they will find it was well worth the climb. The plateau is roughly square-shaped and an impressive 60 sq. km in size. There are scented pine forests, meadows of wild flowers and a pleasantly cool climate all year round. This magical mountaintop has to be one of the most memorable places in Thailand to celebrate the nuptials.

With that character, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Loei Office in association with Phu Kradeung National Park and the Phu Kradeung District Office is holding a romantic wedding ceremony for couples who wish to wed on the mountaintop on this Valentine’s Day. The wedding ceremony gives lovers, young and old, the chance to tie the knot with the person they love in a venue of outstanding natural beauty.

On 13 February, 2014, between 07.00 – 14.00 hrs., all happy lovers are invited to don their walking boots before taking the steep path that leads to the peak of Phu Kradeung. With a wedding to celebrate at the top, the walk proves their dedication and commitment to their lover. Those who make the trek will have plenty of time to relax on the summit and get ready for the big day and all the couples will receive a gift that marks their happy union.

Romantic sunrise at the summit of Phu Kradeung
On Valentine’s Day itself, couples will proceed at 05.30 hrs. to Pha Nok Ann Cliff, the most famous spot on the summit, to watch a romantic sunrise. There is also the chance to take part in a Buddhist merit-making ceremony and give food to the local monks who will be there to bless the unions. Then, at the auspicious time of 09.09 hrs., the wedding ceremony will take place. Local officials will even arrange for the marriage registration formalities to be completed on the mountain. Then the happy couples can spend their first day as man and wife at the summit of Phu Kradeung while feeling on top of the world.
Any loving couples wanting to prove their true love with a hike to the peak of Phu Kradeung can register at the Sri Than Tourist Centre up until the 12 February, 2014. It is suggested that only couples be at a reasonable fitness level if they wish to take part

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