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Monday, January 13, 2014

Westerners Hit the Slopes in North Korea

Andrea Lee, CEO of Uri Tours, an American tour operator specializing in North Korea Travel, spent a day at the Masik Pass, North Korea's new ski resort, in advance of several North Korea ski tours it plans to run this season.

Ms. Lee said that "We wanted to inspect the resort and understand its set up so that we can prepare to send our tourists. Generally, the resort was a lot of fun. The hotel is clean and modern and the resort staff are very helpful. We expect to know more about the safety and technical aspects of the resort in the coming days."

In addition, Ms. Lee mentioned some useful facts about the resort's setup: "There are 9 runs open to the public which range in length from 682 to 5,091 meters. The steepest slope has about 39 degrees of elevation and there are first aid outposts dotted amongst the slopes." In addition, Ms. Lee said that there are two ski lifts, one to mid-peak and one to the peak, as well as belt lifts for the bunny slopes.

"There's also a restaurant at the peak serving pizza, coffee and more." added Ms. Lee.  "We're looking forward to having our first groups come in to see the resort. I think it will be an unforgettable experience. We know there are a lot of skiers all over the world who are looking for something unique."

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