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Monday, January 27, 2014

Examining Buying or Chartering a Private Jet

If you are already familiar with the advantages of private jet travel, you may be seriously considering the purchase of your own aircraft. While this may seem like a logical step after private air charter, Peachtree Aviation suggests considering two things before making the decision to buy your own aircraft.

The first of course, is price. Keep in mind this includes not only the cost of the actual aircraft, but also the cost of maintaining it properly, paying for experienced and reliable staff and other routine expenses typically related to aircraft ownership.

The second thing to consider is how often you actually use the aircraft. If you fly to distant locations only two or three times a year and see private jet travel as the occasional perk rather than a business and lifestyle choice, it may be prudent to stay with a dependable company that offers private air charter services for now.

Peachtree Aviation offers aircraft management services as well as private jet charter in Atlanta. Take to the friendly skies in complete comfort and safety with their assistance and expertise in the air charter business.

"We take all the responsibilities of private jet ownership and allow our clients to experience only the joy and efficiency of private air travel," explains James Barber, CEO of Peachtree Aviation. "They simply schedule a flight with us and we make sure the aircraft is at their disposal with all the safety, compliance and flight requirements fully met and implemented."

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