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Monday, October 21, 2013

Listen to the soundtrack of the city of Madrid

The first album produced by esMADRIDmusic, a project which has now been added to the four communication channels promoting the city of Madrid, blends improvisation and western jazz rhythms with melodies inspired by such traditional Spanish musical styles as zarzuela, chotis, copla and cuple, all combined with a passion for flamenco. Music inviting you to close your eyes and take a walk around the city. And remember you can purchase the album at the new shop  http://www.esmadrid.com/en/portal.do?TR=C&IDR=633  at Plaza Mayor's Madrid Tourism Centre.
The CD - produced and carried out by Javier Martín and Paco Bastante, and distributed by Warner Music - opens up with Bella Enamorada, a big band version of the romanza in the operetta El Ultimo Romantico, by Reveriano Soutillo and Juan Vert. Jose Juan M. Pantoja is the name behind Tangos del Rastro, while Domenech Latorre and Guillem Gallofre together wrote Dreaming Chueca. Behind the remaining tracks is Paco Bastante, a Madrid-born musician and composer who has worked alongside performers such as Joaquin Sabina, Pasion Vega, and Juan Perro among others.

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