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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Affordable Kimberley coast wildlife cruise

 The unique "Wildlife Expedition Cruise" on MV Reef Prince departs Broome for some of the Kimberley's most isolated islands, shoals and reefs, including remote Adele Island - a haven for seabirds, shorebirds and marine life, and seldom visited by other charter boats.

With a focus on birdlife and marine life, the "Wildlife Expedition Cruise" visits the Lacepede Islands and Adele Island, both important seabird colonies, and home to the largest colonies of Brown Booby and Lesser Frigatebird in the Indian Ocean. The itinerary traverses the waters of some of the Kimberley's newest proposed marine parks, including the iconic Horizontal Waterfalls, Talbot and Dugong Bays, and Montgomery Reef, travelling through the calving grounds of the world's largest Humpback whale population at the peak of the calving season.

Along the way, under the direction of naturalists and guides Richard Costin and Annabelle Sandes from Kimberley Whale Watching, passengers will have the opportunity to participate in important cetacean research, recording whale and dolphin behaviour, distribution and abundance.  Passengers will also gain a new perspective on seabirds, shorebirds and mangrove dwelling birds, as we travel past some of the Kimberley's remotest islands, outer shoals and reefs, including Mavis, Churchill and Adele Reefs.

This new itinerary will provide an affordable  focus on Kimberley wildlife, visiting areas of the coast seldom accessed by charter boats,.

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