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Monday, September 23, 2013

Four Man Team Introduces Backpack Walking in Sri Lanka

FMT(four-man team) being the revolutionary OBT/Adventure training facilitator, recently  launched its newest initiative “Backpack Walking” to promote local and foreign tourists to walk with a backpack across the country and benefit losing theirbody weight. Sri Lanka being an excellent compact destination with dynamic climatic zones like Sunny Beaches to Rain Forests to Misty Hills to Dry Zone Paddies, facilitates tourists to move from one climatic situation to another within few hours.

Our entire operation at FMT revolves around four principals and “Green in all possible action” is one of them. Another side of our effort is also to promote local and foreign tourist to reduce carbon footprints ad visit places like Horton Plains, Sinharaja Rain Forest etc byavoiding vehicles but walking. MadhushanRaigamage, the Team Lead of FMT explained to the press.

Most of the professionals in the country have their MBI rating above the expected level. Many wants to maintain but due to certain constrains these people do not find a proper way of maintaining the MBI. Our initiative will facilitate both way, to reduce the weight and to explore the nature Madhushan added.

Its holistic, it’s healthier and it’s certainly making fun. Backpack walking is not just wearing a backpack and walk. There are many learning imbedded to the saga. Monsoon Leisure and Adventure Lanka Ltd owns the brand four-man team (FMT). The learning, based on a simple theory in Management Learning; “Comprehension-REFLECTION-Application” and FMT provides a platform for individuals, companies and organizations to reflect their desired comprehension of learning needs/goals in an adventurous environment and support them in application.

Four-man team concept was originally conceptualized and implemented by the western Armies to ensure high level of synergy when engaging their enemies in highly fluid battle scenarios with a high operational tempo. It is simple, flexible, fast and focused. The concept was effectively executed by Sri Lankan Special Forces especially during the Humanitarian operations .Here at Monsoon Leisure and Adventure; through Four-man Team learning four-man team exploits the same concept focusing on achieving high level of synergy and communication amongst individuals/employees and facilitatesthem to convert groups into Teams.

A specialty with FMT is everyone can afford to have four-man team as they offer affordable prices. MadhushanRaigamage who leads the four-man team stated that “We are not just an Adventure Training provider in Sri Lanka, we are exploring the newest ways and means of linking the nature and adventure with the corporate life.

Those who are interested in more details can log in to four-man team’s website, www.fourmanteam.lk.

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