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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Agoda.com prepares great hotel deals to celebrate Nepal’s trekking season

SINGAPORE – Agoda.com, Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), is offering amazing deals on hotels for hikers, trekkers and adventure seekers in Nepal, one of the most rugged, remote and beautiful countries in the world. The September-November trekking season is a perfect time to go, with cool weather, and generally clear skies.


Trekking in Nepal has become a major part of the country’s economy and its largest source of revenue, so it’s surprising to learn that only a few decades ago it wasn’t even something that existed as an organized activity. In 1965 Jimmy Roberts, a British Colonel and member of the famed and feared Gurkha military unit figured that people might enjoy breathing the crisp, cool air as they trekked across pristine mountain passes in the shadow of some of Earth’s tallest mountains. He devised a system wherein visitors would walk, assisted by Sherpas and support animals that would carry supplies. His idea immediately gained popularity, and visitor numbers have continued to climb ever since – Nepal had almost 600,000 tourist arrivals in 2012.


When it began, trekking in such remote locations at such high altitude was an extreme and exotic undertaking for anyone who did not live in the area, but has since evolved into a vibrant and popular sport with a well-developed support infrastructure.


Generally speaking there are two types of trekking styles. In tea house trekking, one hikes along well-defined trails during the day, staying at a lodge or small house for the evening. These range from clean and comfortable to extremely rustic, so be prepared for all eventualities. Organized trekking offers a bit more freedom in terms of where one may go, and involves a team of porters carrying tents, food, fuel and other supplies while trekkers need only carry a small day pack. Each style has its pros and cons, so read up on which one is most appealing and see what each one offers.


Most who come to Nepal fly into Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, where trekkers sort out the final details of their plan and buy last-minute supplies. After this, many take a bus or airplane to Pokhara to start the actual trek, but there are dozens of different routes, and many leave from different spots for a variety of locations, so each trekker must be familiar with what is expected of them.


In terms of being prepared, there are several important things that cannot be overlooked. Most importantly, trekkers need to take several days before they begin to acclimatize to the altitude – longer for treks that take a lengthy or higher trail. Permits and visas must also be acquired – types, prices and availability depend on the type of trek that will be undertaken and what area it’s in. There is no such thing as too much research when it comes to preparing for a trip to Nepal, so spend time online going through every detail.


To celebrate the upcoming trekking season, Agoda.com has selected the following hotels, all great spots for trekkers to spend their first few days acclimatizing to the altitude, meeting fellow travelers, and getting to know the rich and vibrant culture of this ancient country.


Early bird special – book a standard single/double room 60 days in advance and enjoy 20% off. Expires 31 August, 2014.


Book a deluxe single/double room and enjoy 10% off. Expires 31 December, 2014.


Early bird special – book a budget single/double room 14 days in advance and enjoy 15% off. Expires 31 December, 2013.


Early bird special – book an economy single/double room 14 days in advance and enjoy 14% off. Expires 31 December, 2013.


Early bird special – book a superior single/double room 14 days in advance and enjoy 10% off. Expires 31 December, 2013.


Early bird special – book a deluxe single/double room 14 days in advance and enjoy 20% off. Expires 30 December, 2014.


Stay for a minimum of 2 nights in an economy single/double room and save 12%. Expires 31 December, 2014.


Book a deluxe single/double room and enjoy 5% off. Expires 31, December, 2013.           


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