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Saturday, August 17, 2013

MoreVisas Immigration Consultancy provides Free Assessment to Canadian Immigration Applicants

MoreVisas, the leading immigration and visa services consulting firm in India, now provides free assessment services to people who would want to work and live in Canada. This is in response to the growing number of inquiries from citizens about Canadian Immigration. It has been providing more than 10 years of customized immigration solutions to various clients. It has helped thousands of individuals anywhere in the world with their immigration and visa requirements.

Canada is one of the many countries that welcome people to migrate to their country because it needs people with extraordinary skills to contribute to its development and towards a better future of its residents. Canada is popular for its economic stability and is considered by people as one of the best countries where they can live and make their dreams come true. 

Minister Jason Kenney of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism said, “The Canadian government prioritizes jobs, economic development and lasting prosperity. The changes in immigration policies occur in order to welcome the immigrants needed by their economy and who are most likely to become successful in the future.” He also added, “The Canadian government is devoted to provide full citizenship to permanent residents, and this is one of many recent improvements to the citizenship process. This will guarantee the immediate welcoming of newcomers.”

Canada’s immigration policies are being modified from time to time depending on the skills needed for the country. Canadian immigration is governed by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The official website displays the list of skill sets required by the country so that people who are interested to migrate will know the immigration programs offered by the country. 

MoreVisas’ goal is to assist applicants to succeed in their application. Its team of dedicated immigration counsellors keep a track of all the updates concerning immigration and visa application policies in every province of Canada. Mostly immigrants go to Quebec, Ontario, Toronto, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia and Manitoba provinces of Canada. These provinces have their own immigration rules and regulations. MoreVisas consultants’ team is knowledgeable in every type of immigration in Canada. The most popular type is the Skilled Worker Program which is beneficial to Canada’s economy. Canada has certain conditions that need to be met so that an applicant can obtain a Permanent Residency Permit.

The official handbook released by CIC which is “Welcome to Canada” serves as a practical tool in helping hopeful immigrants to prepare for their life before they arrive in Canada and how they can integrate themselves into society as soon as possible. The revamped guide demonstrates the commitment of the government in helping newcomers undergo a smoother transition into the new community and the Canadian workforce.

MoreVisas (http://www.morevisas.com/) uses the new handbook in guiding applicants in every step of their application process. It has offices and associates in Canada that will ensure easier settlement of applicants after securing their visa. The free assessment service offered by the company evaluates the eligibility of clients for migration to Canada. MoreVisas also provide a comprehensive explanation of the process and the requirements for migration to give clients more confidence and peace of mind