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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Launch of New Chilean Ecotourism Programme

Global eco-travellers following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin are invited to explore the remote island of Chiloé and other parts of Patagonia via an international cooperation between two specialist eco-tour operators, America’s ToMarket's Geotourism Journeys and Chile's Darwin's Trails.

This bespoke programme to the island of Chiloé and the surrounding archipelago explores, as did Darwin in the 1830’s when just 22 years old, miles of unspoilt Valdivian rain forests, rugged coastlines, endangered flora, UNESCO World Heritage church sites and, most of all, the hospitality and endurance of the native Chilote people.

Promoted as part of ToMarket’s ‘Don't be a mere tourist, be a Geotourist’ global campaign and supported in Chile by Darwin’s Trails, modern-day explorers to this unique region can also ride horseback along white sandy beaches, kayak through mysterious waterways and visit world-class agritourism and ecotourism projects.

These eco-tours are designed specifically for small groups, limited to a maximum of twelve travellers, and for seekers of genuine sustainable tourism experiences who believe in the maxim of ‘preserving whilst sharing and educating whilst learning’.

Adrian Turner, an ex-pat Brit living in Chile and owner of Darwin’s Trails, says, “Geotourism is a growing phenomena and we are witnessing an ever-growing demand for authentic travel experiences in Chile and Latin America based on an in-depth engagement with both the places and the people visited.
“The Chiloé expedition starts in southern Chile and follows in the footsteps of Darwin as described in his acclaimed journal, ‘The Voyage of the Beagle’ when he was just 22 years old.
“These tours start in November 2013 and participants will be asked to keep journals to capture their experiences and compare their discoveries with those of the famed naturalist and so that they can share them with family and friends,” concludes Adrian.

"Tour members will pass through a history portal with skilled guides allowing small groups to be immersed in all the magic of Isla Chiloé," explains Teri Graf-Pulvino of ToMarket and a member of the International Eco Tourism Society. "We built this enchanting Chilean adventure on my personal experience of trekking through the Chonos Islands and from years of living in Chile."