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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cruise the web at Munich Airport

From now on it's much easier to surf the web at Munich Airport

Effective immediately, it's now faster and more convenient for passengers and visitors in the terminals and the Munich Airport Center (MAC) to get online. Anyone with a smart phone, tablet computer or laptop at Munich Airport is just two clicks away from a connection.

Users at Munich Airport can now enjoy 30 minutes a day of free W-LAN access. Under the old system, users opened a browser and were taken to a sign-in page where they entered a mobile telephone number to obtain an access code. After receiving the code as a text message, the user typed it into the welcome screen to log in. The new free service is based on the existing Deutsche Telekom HotSpot service at the airport. Here's how it works: Users who want to go online with their own devices simply launch a browser. A start-up page opens automatically with a link for free access. The user then logs in with a valid e-mail address. After confirmation of the security code, the 30 minutes of free access begins.

When the half hour is up, a single click opens the regular HotSpot portal, where additional time can be purchased by credit card. Each additional hour of online time costs 4.95.