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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Authentic Cuba Travel Announces Amazing Cultural & Educational Cuba Tours for December 2013

Regarded as the leading authority and provider of the best collection of escorted licensed tours to the beautiful island of Cuba, Authentic Cuba Travel releases a full slate of December tours with limited space available per tour. The December Cuba tours range from seven to eleven days in length and offers matchless opportunities to experience Cuba like never before. The tours go beyond typical sightseeing tours to offer North American travelers an exceptional opportunity to travel like a local and explore the culture, history, and natural beauty of Cuba.

With eleven different tours to Cuba in December, the opportunities to experience Cuba are endless and all Cuba tours are customizable to meet the needs of private groups, organizations and educational institutions. From art and film buffs to jazz lovers and culture enthusiasts to educators and even architects and legal professionals, there is a tour option that matches traveler's needs whether it's for cultural, professional, or educational purposes. Due to new categories of legal travel to Cuba recently announced by President Obama in 2011, now is the perfect opportunity to get the experience of a lifetime to explore an island that has largely been untouched by the outside world. 

North American film industry professionals have a unique opportunity to experience Cuba and indulge in the country's cinematographic movement with a seven-day tour to the Havana International Film Festival from December 7-14, 2013. From the first film festival held in 1979 to now, hundreds of thousands of directors, producers, screenwriters, art directors, film editors, and actors descend upon Havana, Cuba for an opportunity to revel in the burgeoning international film industry. Authentic Cuba Travel offers the only seven-day escorted tour specifically for the film industry and includes screenings, industry events and networking opportunities, a visit to Cuba's International Film School, lunch and discussions with renowned Cuban artists, a cultural tour of Cuba, and even a boat ride through one of Cuba's underground rivers. 

Cuba Legal Tours are now licensable for North American judges, lawyers, legal professionals and law professors as a result of a U.S. policy that now makes it possible to travel to Cuba to conduct professional research. The tour is from December 15-22, 2013 and includes people to people encounters to explore Cuba's legal system with visits and meetings to legal organizations, law firms, and lawyers unions and also includes cultural visits to heritage sites, a jazz festival, and even to watch an authentic Cuban baseball game. 

For ten dynamic and culturally empowering days, the Cuba Architecture Travel "Seven Historical Cities" is a fully escorted tour for architecture professionals with an itinerary that includes an exploration of finely conserved Spanish architecture. This tour is also an opportunity to interact with and learn from architecture faculty from the University of Havana and the University of Santiago de Cuba as well as various architecture industry professionals.

Other escorted tour being offered in the month of December for an authentic experience of Cuba and from a local's perspective is during the 29th International Jazz Festival of Havana from December 15-23. This tour is a one of kind opportunity for musicians, producers, and other music industry professionals to experience the international jazz community will also absorbing Cuban culture and heritage. 

Authentic Cuba Travel is also offering seven different seven-day tours from December 27, 2013 to January 3, 2014. 

- The Cuba Education Tour V and Cuba Education Tour VI, in collaboration with Cuba's Teachers Union, the University of Havana, and the University of Santiago de Cuba, offers educators, historians, anthropologists, sociologists and scholars a historical opportunity to witness the education, architecture, culture, and history of the Cuban people and their African, Spanish & Caribbean roots. Both study tours offers a rich educational and cultural experience, but the difference between both is that Tour V travels to Havana City and Santiago de Cuba while Tour VI travels to Havana, Cienfuegos, and Trinidad, Cuba. 

- The Cuba Architecture tour is an opportunity for architects, urban planners, landscape designers, architecture professors, and other architecture related professionals to grow professionally, expand their architectural acumen, and explore the splendor of Spanish architectural beauty. 

- Indulge in the beauty of Cuba's artistic landscape and get exclusive access to Cuba's premier art institutions and Cuban masters studios with the Cuba Art Tour open to art industry professionals and educators. 

- The 4th edition of Authentic Cuba Travel's Cuba Photography Tour is an opportunity to explore Cuba's picturesque landscape, visit important institutions, and learn about the fusion of photography, culture, and art. 

- The Jewish Heritage Trip explores the life of Jews in Cuba and visits Havana's largest synagogues and other cultural sights. 

- From Cuban cuisine to its music, sports, and natural beauty, the Family Discover Tour is the ultimate way to take in Cuban heritage, culture, and arts while also learning about the rich mix of Aboriginal, African, Spanish, French, and Chinese cultures.

There is no other way to uniquely experience the richness, vibrancy, and landscape of Cuba other than with the December tours offered by Authentic Cuba Travel. These tours are educational and explorative and are guided and fully escorted from the moment travelers land in Cuba until their departure. The tours also go beyond typical tourist destinations for an opportunity to really explore the layout of the land from the perspective of the Cubans. 

Spaces for each tour are limited, and reservations are being accepted now. For more information and to book, visit AuthentiCubaTours.com or call (877) 280-2054 in North America or (647) 351-8191 worldwide.

Bella Travel Group Ltd. (Authentic Cuba Travel / Hello Cuba Travel ) is a full service travel agency based in Toronto, Canada that organizes cultural, educational and adventure tours for schools, NGOs, business and community groups.

Even though each year nearly 2 million tourists travel to Cuba, they hardly have the chance to get to know the authentic Cuba that lies beyond the confines of all-inclusive full-packed tourist resorts. Once back home, those travelers realize they have hardly "traveled" to Cuba. It might have been a nice and low cost package vacation from the cold weather, but they do not know much about Cuba's culture and its people.

Authentic Cuba Travel votes for a different kind of tourism for those travelers who demand more from their vacations. With over 40 fully escorted Cuba tours announced for 2014, ranging from educational and cultural to arts and architecture and festivals and events, Authentic Cuba Travel captures the Cuban identity that defines the island as a unique Caribbean nation.