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Monday, July 29, 2013

Travel Agent, Jeffrey Bartel, Talks on Adoption Travel Planning Tips

As a travel agent and owner of A Global Perspective Travel Agency,Jeffrey Bartel proudly promotes a recent article in Adoption Travel highlighting the key points to remember when planning for the unique experience of travel adoption. Jeffrey Bartel helps individuals and families embark on impromptu and intricately organized trips for multiple reasons, whether it is business-related, honeymoon vacations or even adoption travel. His expertise in how to get the most out of any itinerary even extends to families traveling to other countries in order to expand their families. 

"Traveling as an adoptive family to the child's birth country is an exciting, chaotic time," said Bartel. "Most people are unprepared entering into this unique experience, as there are so many overwhelming details to tend to. I have successfully sent families and couples on their way to bring their new family members home, and I always strive to give them the best advice possible when planning such an emotional trip."

The article states, "The more organized you are at the outset, the more you can actually enjoy traveling in your child's birth country. Things get forgotten or overlooked when people are stressed or rushed - and you'll be experiencing both of these feelings when you're traveling to buy airline tickets and get out of the country so you can finally be with your child." The report advises adoptive parents to get their passports in order and to renew them immediately if they are close to expiring. It also states to "Find out if you should get any immunizations before your trip - call your doctor or log on to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Website." 

Jeffrey Bartel adds, "Different vaccinations are suggested for different countries - sometimes even for different regions within the same country. Make sure you do your research." He also encourages parents to organize the paperwork for traveling. "Triple check that you have every document with you at all time, and make sure you have photocopies of everything," he said. 

The article recommends checking the weather before embarking on the adoption journey: "Do some research to find out the typical weather in the region. What are the expected temperatures? When does monsoon season happen?" 

The report also mentions that networking goes a long way: "Talk to other parents who have adopted from your child's country. You can get the real scoop on what your experience will be like from someone who has already experienced it." Jeffrey Bartel adds, "Decide who will go with you ahead of time. If both parents are fortunate enough to bring their child home together, consider adding a photographer or videographer along to document the journey. It's such a treat to look back on such a monumental moment with your friends and family." Jeffrey Bartel implores adoptive parents to spend time in the country once they have their new child to encourage bonding and attachment, building memories together by sightseeing and experiencing the infant or child's culture. 

Jeffrey Bartel is the owner and founder of A Global Perspective Travel Agency. He provides personable, high quality customer service to ensure families and individual travelers receive the best possible insight and planning packages for their travel needs. For the past 12 years, he has helped travelers and vacationers plan their trips, from honeymoon couples, business professionals to cruise travelers and adoptive parents. He has connections to hotels, car rental companies, restaurants all over the world and many other fine establishments, supplying clients with discounts and sound advice.