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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The "zen attitude" at the National Botanical Conservatory Mascarin

Want to take the time to enjoy the art of Reunion Island life? The National Botanical Conservatory Mascarin starts at the time of “zen attitude” between well-being and the environment on July 27 to 28.


The National Botanical Conservatory Mascarin awaits visitors on Saturday, July 27, and Sunday, July 28, so it can share the benefits of living on Reunion Island.


The program for these two days will focus on creation through workshops and decorative crafts, food via demonstration and tasting of local products, and finally well-being with the production of massage oil and essential oil.






• Workshop vegetal decoration: composition potpourri, garlands and plant decorations. 7 people max. Reservations required. Ti Zardin Association.


• Ecopot Workshop: making pot gardening in banana leaves and other plants. 7 people max. Reservations required. Initiatives Kartier Association with Ms. Grondin.


• Sale of crafts related to the art of weaving (pandanus, coconut, etc.). Initiatives Kartier Association with Ms. Grondin.


• Sale of ivory jewelry and plant seeds and vegetables. Ti Zardin Association.


• Free demonstration of insect hotels.




• Scavenger Hunt to the heart of Mascarin. Free game for children from 6 years.


• Resting in the shade of palm trees to enjoy its benefits: better productivity, concentration, mood, physical and mental health.


• Walk with confidence through the plant collections, listening to nature.




• Demonstration and initiation garden square and raised garden.


• Free workshop multiplication old-style vegetables. Lebreton Family.


• Free workshop multiplication of spices. Vincent Mussard.


• Tasting old-style  vegetables. Lebreton Family.


• Sale of carris in the cafeteria of the conservatory.


• Sale of old-style vegetables. Lebreton Family.


• Sale of spices. Vincent Mussard.


• Sale and tasting of bee products (pollen, propolis, honey). Benoit Giraudet.




• Sale of bee products.


• Sales of local tea.


• Sale of essential oils.


• Workshop discovery of essential oils, free workshop massage oil/manufacturing.




Demonstration of processing local tea. Ms. Ginger.


• Tasting tea.


• Demonstration of production of essential oils (small still). Mr. Dijoux and Mr. Dorseuil.




• Distribution of records on vegetables and herbs.


• Distribution of cards recipes with old-style vegetables.


• Distribution of old-style vegetables seeds.


• Distribution of plans for planters, insect hotels, garden square.


The distribution is free and will be based on quantities available.


If you buy a ticket for Saturday, July 27, you will be entitled to one free entry on Sunday, July 28!


Information and reservations: jlin@cbnm.org or korange@cbnm.org or at 0262 24 92 27