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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ozone Kites sponsoring epic journey around the world the hard way

The 360 Extremes Expedition team is delighted to have agreed support from Ozone Kites (www.flyozone.com) for its epic expedition that will see the team go around the world the hard way: via both the South and the North Pole. The team of Natalia Almeida and Benjamin Weber will be using Ozone snow kites in the polar regions of the journey, with Antarctica in particular, as they seek to harness the wind to help them across over 4,000km of ice on the frozen continent, and as they travel overland once they leave the Arctic ice cap in the north.

The Expedition, has been long in the planning, with the team training over the past two years and still with one more year of training ahead of them. They have been training in the high altitudes of the Bolivian Andes where they climbed peaks over 6,000metres tall; cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats in the middle of the British winter, just to get that extra challenge; and have been building their fitness, strength and technical skills for the project on a daily basis. They have been documenting their journey on the expedition website at www.360extremes.com and already have over 8,000 followers on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/360Extremes, which is regularly updated with news from their training exploits.

In February 2014, they will travel to Baffin Island to train with Northwinds and the McNair-Landry family, themselves distinguished polar adventurers who use Ozone kites for their expeditions in Antarctica and Greenland. On Baffin Island, after weeks of polar survival training, they will embark on a mini-expedition with the kites – again, just to develop their kite ski control skills as much as possible in order to use them to the best possible extent for when they will be pulling pulks weighing over 150kg for over 100 days straight. They will begin their crossing of Antarctica in November 2014 and, after cycling through Asia and Eastern Europe, their crossing of the Arctic icecap in January 2016.

Ozone is widely regarded as one of the best kite manufacturers in the world. Their snow kites are perfect for the expedition. Not only are their kites easy to use and control, they have superb safety features (again, check out the video!) that allow you to stall the kite and bring it down in seconds, and then quickly get it flying again once you are ready to go. The last thing that the team wants is to be hanging around in -30C losing body heat while they try to inflate the kites! Follow their progress at www.360extremes.com!