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Monday, July 8, 2013

Discover Abroad - A new experience, A new world

Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India - With the economy on a cautious rollback, tourists are slowly queuing up. With the promising outlook, GoDiscoverAbroad is scheduled to be launched in mid-July 2013. GDA is the brainchild of Saurabh Sabharwal, a serial entrepreneur with more than eight years of experience in the travel industry. With GDA, Saurabh links his love of traveling with his work. In Saurabh's words, “the perfect combination”. Starting only with travel packages for now, GDA will soon span out to cover flights and hotel deals also.

GDA takes the lead in introducing the concept of volunteer tourism – a combination of volunteering abroad while traveling - to the India diaspora. With a bundle of travel packages all tailor made to suit people with different sensibilities, GDA provides options for all. Adventure Trips, Wildlife Tours, Pilgrimage packages, Family Holiday, Honeymoon deals.

Mr. Saurabh Sabharwal, CEO, Go Discover Abroad, discussed his dreams and aspirations. “Traveling is my second love (after my family). I have already traveled in over 30 countries and 150 cities. Both on package deals and on my own arrangements. During my various sojourns, I found that there is immense scope for better priced tour and travel packages. There is a huge disparity between the pricing of packages on offer by the current crop of online retailers; and the actual cost borne by a tourist traveling on his own. I just played to my strengths to bring better travel options.”

GDA highlights the ‘different holidays’very prominently. It's outlook is to fill out the gap between the present set of travel agencies and tourist in the current economic scenario. Another unique aspect of GDA is the travel itinerary that they have designed. Along with the popular destinations, their focus is also on places that have long been neglected by the diaspora. For the first time GDA brings to the Indian travel market, the concept of ‘Voluntrourism’, where travelers can choose to volunteer abroad and travel at the same time. These options would be available in India, Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Peru and more countries would be added on later. GDA will offer holidays like no other tour operator is offering for the Indian traveller.

Mr. Sahil, Operations Head, Go Discover Abroad, said, “We have mapped out most of the popular spots. Our operations team has also brought in some interesting destinations like Jordan, Laos, Fiji, Peru, Argentina, Spain, often given a miss by the traditional tour operators in India. Our travel packages have variety not to be found with any other Indian tour operator. Our network of operators is close knit ensuring our customers of an hassle proof, inexpensive holiday to their dream destination.”
Both Saurabh and Sahil have deep insights about the tourism industry. GDA will be extensively using their collective experience to chalk out the future expansions. They promise their customers a memorable vacation. Go Discover Abroad opens shop on 10th July 2013.