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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

“Create Your Stay” - new online tool makes the transfer experience more attractive at Frankfurt Airport

Using Frankfurt Airport (FRA) as your transfer hub is even more attractive than ever thanks to the new online service tool called “Create Your Stay.” With only a few clicks online, you can plan your individual preferences and wishes for your connecting time at Germany’s largest airport.  FRA offers many useful and pleasurable activities for transfer passengers. Whether your visit lasts two, four, or more than six hours, “Create Your Stay” informs you about different things to do and facilities available during your stopover at Frankfurt Airport City.


If you have a couple of hours stay at the airport, why not relax with a hot-stone massage, a refreshing shower, or try some delicious German-style cake? If your connecting flight departs in about four hours, perhaps you might visit the airport casino, browse around the shopping areas, or participate in one of our fascinating airport tour to get a closer look at what makes a precision hub like FRA tick. Another exciting event right at the airport is to experience being a pilot of a passenger jet at our entertaining flight simulator.


If your stay at Frankfurt lasts more than six hours and you have the appropriate visa for Germany, you can make a trip to downtown Frankfurt with its mix of stunning modern architecture and historic sites and the museums. From FRA, you can easily discover nearby wine regions like the famous Rheingau, the “Romantic Rhine River UNESCO World Heritage Valley,” and the beautiful city of Heidelberg. This summer, Heidelberg is celebrating The Wedding, under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II, marking the 400thanniversary of the marriage between the Thames and the Rhine: the wedding of Germany’s Prince Elector Frederick V of the Palatinate and Elizabeth 1 (daughter of King James 1 of England and Scotland) – direct ancestors of today’s British Royal family. The region around Frankfurt Airport serves up a cornucopia of history, landscapes, culture, festivals and events.


How does “Create Your Stay” work? It clearly shows all activities matching your time frame, including a brief description of each activity. Just click on the items that you find interesting and download a PDF file containing your personal travel itinerary for your stopover at Frankfurt Airport City, or have it conveniently sent directly to you by e-mail address.


“Create Your Stay” is part of Fraport AG’s “Great to Have You Here!” service program that Frankfurt Airport launched about two years ago to make it easier, faster, and even more comfortable to fly in and out of Germany’s largest hub. In 2012, connecting passengers in Frankfurt accounted for over 50 percent of FRA’s total traffic of more than 57 million travelers.


To find out more about Frankfurt Airport’s “Create Your Stay” and many other services go to: www.frankfurt-airport.com .