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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

OrlandoVacation.com Experts Guide the Growing Number of Families Skipping Vacation Time with Infographic

 According to information compiled by the US Travel Association, most parents intuitively recognize the benefits of family vacations. This time together creates lifelong memories, helps strengthen family ties, de-stresses us and sparks creativity. Adults who participated in the survey clearly recalled vivid memories of family vacations taken in their early childhood and wanted to recreate these memories for their own children.

With this information in mind, Trey Duling, CEO of OrlandoVacation.com conducted his own survey and put together a family vacation infographic with the intent on streamlining the Orlando vacation process. Why? Because many families are taking a rain check on this all-important family ritual.

Streamlining the Orlando Vacation Process

"Today, more than ever, families are so scheduled and busy they recognize the need for vacation time, but need some help with the planning process," says Duling. "In fact, a recent Wakefield Research study found that more than half of the United States population expects to leave many of their vacation days unused in 2013." To prevent this from happening, the infographic helps Orlando families make better decisions by looking at key factors, such as lodging choices, in a highly practical way.

"Many vacationers automatically assume a hotel or motel is the automatic choice. Not true. Orlando is known for vacation homes, and there are a lot of perks to choosing this option," says Duling.

Hotels vs. Vacation Homes

With a quick bullet point list of the pros and cons of these two lodgings opportunities, you'll be able to make choices that are directly related to the needs of your family. "Choosing to stay in a vacation home saved us a considerable amount of money and allowed our family to experience more of Orlando instead of focusing on paying for our lodging," says one Orlando vacationer.

Vacation homes may be especially attractive to families for a variety of reasons, including in-room kitchens, privacy, multiple bedrooms and space for larger families or groups, -- just to name a few.

The Tradition of Family Vacations

Skipping the family vacation may be the choice of numerous families this year, but it doesn't have to be the choice for your family. Parents are more desperate for quality time than ever before and with a little extra planning (and scoping out the priorities of your particular family), the tradition of family vacation doesn't have to be pushed aside.

For more information and help planning your Orlando vacation, access OrlandoVacation.com. With helpful reviews, area insights and timely money saving tips, you'll get more for less from your next vacation.