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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Association for Airline Passenger Rights Applauds "Slide-Slip Seat" Prototype by Molon Labe Designs; New seat can better accommodate passengers of size and passengers with disabilities

 The Association for Airline Passenger Rights, (AAPR) today applauded Molon Labe Designs for its groundbreaking prototype "Slide-Slip Seat," which was unveiled earlier this year in Germany at the Aircraft Interiors Trade Show. The Side-Slip Seat permits the normal 19 inch-wide aisle to open up to an amazing 43 inches. AAPR has already encouraged the Federal Aviation Administration ("FAA") to certify the prototype in order to allow airlines to order the product for their aircraft.

"AAPR has always prided itself on being a solutions-based consumer rights organization, and the new Slide-Slip Seat provides a workable solution for numerous issues facing airline passengers, as well as the airlines," said Brandon M. Macsata, Executive Director of the Association for Airline Passenger Rights. "For example, AAPR has proudly stood up for the rights and fairer treatment of passengers of size, calling out the inhumane treatment often experienced by these customers simply because they weigh more. In doing so, AAPR believes that we're standing up for every single passenger because the simple fact remains that passengers are crammed into coach class cabins like sardines."

According to Macsata, Molon Labe Designs' revolutionary Slide-Slip Seat provides a more accessible, comfortable flying experience for various passengers with special needs, including passengers of size and passengers with disabilities.

Summarized Hank Scott, COO of Molon Labe Designs: "We have all experienced being stuck in the aisle of an airliner, waiting, waiting, waiting to get to our seats or get off. Wasted time, wasted fuel, and added frustration. No one has ever successfully addressed this problem...until now."

According to Molon Labe Designs, its Slide-Slip Seat also offers other advantages, including:

Improved customer experience and loyalty

3 inch wider middle seat

Full size wheelchair access

Dedicated armrest space for all 3 passengers

Wider aisles improves emergency egress

Improved access for cleaning crews

To learn more about the Slide-Slip Seat, visit www.molonlabedesigns.com.