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Friday, May 10, 2013

Travel Themes Launched Experiential Tourism Concept in India

 Travel Theme is happy to launch Experience tourism as a new concept in Indian Tourism. It speaks about developing and promoting new forms of tourism, which gives the best possible benefit to all the participants - travelers, the host population and the tourist business, without causing any kind of ecological or social damage.

India has emerged as one of the prime tourism destinations on the international map. While the more metropolitan portions of India are catching up to the West in terms of modernization, the majority of India still remains rural and untouched.

Travel themes brings the paradigm shift in a way to explore India, with the aim to create lifelong experiences that engage the senses to draw people into Cultures, Communities & the Outdoors!

While talking in broader sense, Travel themes give emphasis on following areas, for the growth of Experiential Tourism in India:

·        Heritage in India (http://www.theotherhome.com/destination/heritage.aspx)

·         Cultural activities in India

·         Festivals in India

·         Traditional art of India

·         Literature in India

·         Culinary in India

·         Wildlife of India

·         Village Experience of India

·         Indian Rural Life

All these 7 areas are the most important the tourist want to experience in India.

We believe tourism which creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit. Moving beyond services, to Experiences! Keeping in tune with global shift, in the tourism industry, we introduce you to Experiential Eco Tourism.

India, the land of unity in diversity, offers several places and avenues that not just de-stress but also rejuvenate you. A travel theme has come up with several ways to enjoy Mother Nature in most pristine way, under Eco Tourism in India.

Ecotourism is entirely a new approach in tourism. It deals in preserving travel to natural areas to appreciate the cultural and natural history of the environment. It takes care not to disturb the ecosystem with the protection and conservation of nature. It also aims at creating economic opportunities for local people.

At Travel themes, as part of our philosophy, we ensure that our tours are eco friendly tour packages (http://www.capertravelindia.com/india-tours/india-tour-pa...) that do not harm or disrupt the local culture or climate, or damage the ecology of the region in any way. We also promote Responsible Tourism where our travelers are encouraged to be Responsible Tourists whose presence is not detrimental to the local nature and culture in any way.

Travel has turned from a business of just logistics to a complete package of an experience centered trips. It is no longer exploring new places; here people are increasingly being driven into having firsthand experience of things making their trip a lasting memory rather than just another vacation. Of course not to indulge in History, culture and nature with its ecological balances in any way.

Visitors looking for vacations in India that are shorter, impulsive and flexible and that too Eco friendly and Experiential travel opportunities, are most welcome in Travel Themes.