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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Streamlined Path to competitive intelligence and promotions

Vayant Travel Technologies, a world leader in B2B airfare search innovation, today announced the launch of an enhanced version of Vayant Fare Alert with XML API and other automated setup and notification services.

Targeted at travel sellers and airlines, Vayant Fare Alert is an intelligent air fare monitoring system that proactively pushes 24/7 live fare updates to subscribers, defined by their precise criteria and business logic.  Subscribers can use this information to adjust pricing to remain competitive, create marketing campaigns and keep up to date on competitors’ rates around the globe.

The introduction of automation and XML API in Vayant Fare Alert V2.0 makes it faster and simpler for subscribers to configure and integrate the solution.   Travel sellers can now use the XML API to set up their alert notifications, precisely defining the fares, airlines and markets they want to track.  Monitoring criteria include price, cabin type, negotiated and private fares, specific airlines and trip type (one way or round trip).

The enhanced Fare Alert also allows subscribers to receive fare alert notifications via the XML API, as well as by email.  By making fare alerts available in this format, travel sellers can respond faster to fare changes, using the API responses to drive ecommerce initiatives.  These can include promotional email campaigns, direct links on websites and special offers. Travel shoppers can even be given the flexibility to set up their own alerts and preferences, via alert subscription forms on the travel websites, and Vayant Fare Alert will immediately start automatic monitoring and notifying.

For airlines, Vayant Fare Alert V2.0 brings the benefit of streamlining communication between internal departments.  The Marketing department can now be notified immediately of new fares filed by the Fares department, enabling them to adjust promotions immediately.  Using Fare Alert’s 24/7 intelligence on global fares movements, airlines can ensure their fares are competitive, as well as notify agencies of special new fares.

Boyan Manev, VP Business Development and Product Marketing at Vayant, commented: “Information is power, and Vayant Fare Alert is all about putting that power in the hands of travel sellers.  With this latest release, it’s faster for travel sellers to set up Fare Alert and start taking advantage of live fare intelligence to drive pricing and promotions. Travel sellers and airlines can boost their competitiveness and give their customers a better deal.”

Vayant Fare Alert V2.0 is the fourth major release or upgrade from Vayant this year.  In April, Vayant announced the release of the second generation of FastSearch, its sub-second air fares search environment.  In March, the company released an enhanced version of its custom cache solution Pricing Cache.  In January, the company launched Fare Alert, its 24/7 global airfares monitoring tool.