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Monday, May 20, 2013

Nevada Recently Being Named One of the Top Ten States for a Business-Friendly Environment,

As the country moves out of the great recession it's imperative that businesses look for a place to do business that will help them become successful. Nevada has been able to create opportunities that will not only increase the likelihood of business success, but have an area with great infrastructure and outstanding quality of life, including a safe community for families.

Chief Executive Magazine just named Nevada as the number 9 state for business, rising 3 spots from 12th in 2012. Nevada is able to utilize the private sector, making it easier for the state to be more business-friendly, keeping taxes low and the regulations minimal. Leveraging private industry allows for more collaboration and a sharing of responsibilities across the state. Growing the economy of Nevada is a partnership and when the economy grows, all businesses benefit.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, in his 2013 State of the State speech, spoke about the recent recession and said, "We cannot tax our way out, we cannot cut our way out, we must grow our way out."

Compare this to the mindset of neighboring California, which continues to add taxes and regulations to an already burdensome state which ranks 50th, making it the worst state for business. With that information, why would anyone want to make California their business home?

Northern Nevada's Development Authority is able to highlight ways they can help businesses make these decisions through their new website: www.improvethestateofyourbusiness.com. They have built an open source economic development model that utilizes a volunteer workforce that can help companies navigate their way to Nevada.

Nevada has also been successful in finding ways for businesses to make these moves in the downturn by assisting them in expanding operations out of California into Northern Nevada and the Sierra Region giving them a strategic way to slowly divest away from California. California's perceived hostility towards business makes Nevada's business-friendly environment even more enticing than it already is.

Companies moving to Nevada are finding low taxes and regulations, quality workforce and outstanding living environment. Northern Nevada's growing economy will ensure that they will maintain this in the future. One CEO said, "Nevada will grow, improve and succeed partly because of a 'suicidal' California on its border. The business migration is a 'snowball.'" The other side of that story is due to Nevada not being a big brother to business. They know what businesses need in order to be successful.

Businesses need a better chance at success. With lower taxes, minimal regulations, outstanding quality of life, and safe communities for families, Northern Nevada is the place to go. What better place to live, work and play with Lake Tahoe in the backyard? Visit www.improvethestateofyourbusiness.com