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Friday, May 3, 2013

MyTrip introduces white Label APPS for tourism boards and DMO

Following the success of its iPhone and Android mobile apps, mTrip has developed a white label offering for tourism boards and DMO.
Distancing itself from traditional mobile guides, mTrip’s white label solution concentrates on the needs of tourism boards. It is specifically designed to enhance the visitors’ experience, increase visibility and generate revenue for the destination.
The white label application includes many innovative features such as 100% offline maps and navigation, a rich travel guide, daily itineraries, deep Facebook integration, a trip journal, postcards, augmented reality and availability in eight languages.
Tourism boards can promote their destination by offering a free destination-branded mobile app. The app is fully rebranded and focuses on social sharing in order to maximize visibility. Visitors can share postcards, reviews, check- ins and pictures directly associated with the destination on Facebook. Furthermore, visitors can publish their trip journal online to share with their experience with family and friends, allowing destinations to reach new audiences through existing visitors.
mTrip has also implemented non-intrusive revenue generating features in the mobile app. Destinations can earn commission on bookings and sell coupon space, push notification, advertisements, and sponsored listings to local businesses.
One of the first destinations to use mTrip’s white label solution for tourism boards is Trondheim, Norway. Looking to increase visibility for the city, Trondheim chose mTrip due to its commercial success and innovative technologies.
“When the Trondheim Guide was launched we immediately got very good feedback from the app users and I think mTrip deserves most of that credit due to the quality of their software. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the app or working with mTrip to other tourism boards," says Pål Sommerseth, Project Manager – City of Trondheim.
Some of mTrip’s other white label clients include Aruba, Fribourg Region, Tahiti, Trondheim, Basque Country and Laurentians Region.