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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Breakthrough Online Platform processing claims for flight delays, missed connections, cancellations launched in the UK

refund.me, the online platform specialised in handling claims for airline passengers and passengers of other transportation modes, has launched in the UK to offer a swift and efficient solution to air passengers affected by flight delays, missed connections, diversions and cancellations. In 2012, an estimated 1.7 million passengers failed to exercise their right to compensation, allowing the airline industry to save an estimated €400 million.*
All passengers, regardless of nationality, fall under the scope of European Union (EU) Regulation if their flight is operated within the EU, outbound from the EU or inbound to the EU while operated by an EU carrier. This regulation defines compensations of up to €600 to everyone reaching the final destination with a delay of at least 3 hours. The EU law covers non-stop flights with long delays as well as complex multi-leg itineraries where a small delay of a feeder flight can cause headaches and easily result in a long delay at the final destination.
Backed by a pan-European network of legal experts and in partnership with various consumer organisations across Europe, refund.me specialises in the application of the specific EU Regulation that establishes standard compensations in the case of delays, missed connections, diverted flights or cancellations. The European Commission has tentatively approached the EU Parliament with a proposed revision to this regulation which would, among others, increase the delay for compensation eligibility from three to five, nine or even twelve hours. This proposition is fiercely opposed by refund.me and consumer organisations across Europe, as it clearly goes against the interests of travellers.
refund.me offers free consultations to all its users, who can instantly check their flight’s eligibility for compensation through its website www.refund.me. Thanks to its largely automated procedures, refund.me is a real-time platform directly providing customers with live information through its website or to the user’s smart phone. Through its state-of-the-art platform, refund.me also offers to easily handle customers’ claims, lifting the bureaucratic burden impeding customers from claiming what is rightly theirs.
To file a complaint, the affected passenger quickly fills out an online form, and refund.me handles the process from there. The customer is only required to pay a 25% commission (plus statutory VAT) once and only if the claim is settled successfully. This allows passengers to avoid the complicated and time-consuming bureaucratic process and claim up to €600 simply by entering their flight and other data in the Advanced Business Logic (ABL) of the cloud-based refund.me system.
The success of refund.me in championing passengers’ rights and claiming refunds from the airline industry has encouraged the online platform to expand and offer its claims processing services to affected passengers travelling by train, bus or ship. In doing so, refund.me reaffirms its commitment to passenger rights and solidifies its position as an expert in processing claims in all transportation sectors.
refund.me, the online phenomenon sweeping across Europe, is now ready to offer its same worry-free, “no win, no fee” solution to the UK market: “Many passengers are not aware of their rights, and those who are and try to file a claim face a complicated bureaucratic system impeding their claims”, added Eve B├╝chner, CEO of refund.me. “Passengers find themselves in a David and Goliath situation, but thanks to our network of legal experts specialised in passenger rights, we can help our customers swiftly and successfully process their claims and receive the compensation they are rightly entitled to, without the headache of doing any of the procedures themselves.”

About refund.me
refund.me is an international service provider that helps passengers enforce their claims to compensation for flight delays, cancellations and missed connections quickly and easily. Thanks to its specially developed, high-precision Advanced Business Logic System (ABL) system, claims can be submitted through the website or the free mobile app. refund.me can quickly enforce claims of up to €600 according to EU Regulation 261/2004.
This start-up created in August 2012 has made it its mission to make passenger rights worldwide transparent and attainable. Under its current services, refund.me also helps bus, ship and rail passengers file and enforce their claims under the relevant EU regulations (EU 181/11, EU 1177/10, EU 1371/07), and in the future will provide service for mishandled luggage according to the principles of the Montreal Convention. Passenger rights have been enforced for hundreds of customers in 34 countries from 5 continents. The corporate headquarters of refund.me are located in Potsdam.