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Monday, April 8, 2013

Fight at Baggage Carousel Inspires New Travel Solution to Deter Bag Theft

After witnessing a fight at an airport over a bag, veteran marketing professional Brenda Noah-Navarro had a Eureka moment! She conceived and developed a variety of colorful peel and stick fabric labels called BAGPATCH. The luggage labels help travelers distinguish their suitcase from afar minimizing luggage theft or mistaken identity.

She was inspired after returning from a long trip and landing at the busy Miami International Airport. Like most passengers, after disembarking the plane Ms. Noah-Navarro headed to the baggage claim area and stood close to the carousel to prevent strangers taking her bag by mistake. She did not want to lose her personal effects.

While waiting anxiously for her bag to appear, she was startled when a business man and woman ran toward the carousel and grabbed the same bag by the luggage strap. A vociferous tug of war ensued immediately over a tan bag, each person claiming ownership. Fortunately Ms. Noah-Navarro saw a second identical bag on the carousel and stopped the fight before the scene escalated into a physical confrontation.

"BAGPATCH is my solution to this very real problem," said Ms. Noah-Navarro. "Imagine going on a honeymoon, on vacation to a top destination, or to a wedding in the Caribbean and losing your bag upon arrival. The stress and frustration can spoil your trip, but it doesn't have to be that way."

Travelers now can recognize their bags from 150 feet away with BAGPATCH. The jumbo size labels (4" x 6") are designed in bright and vibrant colors to help differentiate your bags from a sea of look-alikes. They are easy to apply. Simply remove the liner and attach one label to each side of the bag.

In addition, the labels' fun and witty sayings ease travelers' anxieties. They make people smile and often become conversational pieces at the baggage carousel. The colorful woven labels are on sale at Amazon.

Customers who purchased BAGPATCH are delighted with the results. One said, "I put the brightly colored BAGPATCH on my suitcase and now I breeze through the baggage claim process. No more jostling to get a front line position at the carousel. I can sit back and easily spot my bag and not worry that my luggage will be picked up by mistake."

BAGPATCH is a brand of Exim Multiproducts, Inc., an export-import business established in South Florida since 1984. Co-owner Brenda Noah-Navarro is marketing BAGPATCH luggage labels to retail businesses and to corporations as promotional giveaways. The new travel accessory is available to resellers, distributors, specialty advertising firms and potential licensees. For more information, please visit http://www.bagpatch.com or send an email to brendanoah@bagpatch.com.