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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BikeHike Adventures Offers Volunteer Adventures to Gap Year Travellers

To assist student travellers in getting the most from their gap year, BikeHike Adventures recommends select volunteer multi-sport tours in Thailand and Costa Rica. Integrating both travel and volunteerism, each itinerary adheres to the core tenants of the student gap year concept. The added element of active outdoor recreation appends additional layers of challenge to an already educational and life-altering experience.

A "gap year" is a period of time taken by students to travel before or after college. The idea was developed in the UK in the 1960's and has since caught fire on a global scale. The gap year is seen as a pivotal opportunity for students to develop worldly skills, volunteer abroad, and mature into adults. Although gap years remain more prevalent in the UK, recent years have seen an increased number of Canadians and Americans taking time off after completing their degrees.

Many claim students who take a break from institutionalized education return with a fresh outlook on life, responsibility, and career direction. From an employer's perspective, life experience is now being held in high regard in addition to academic success. Travel experiences are seen as signs of maturity, resourcefulness, and distinction. These valuable assets are the building blocks of a strong resumé.

BikeHike Adventures recommends the following two trips for transitioning students looking for international life experience:

Volunteer Multi-Sport (Thailand): A 14-day active adventure throughout Thailand, including 4 days of community outreach at a disabled girls home. This is a very rare opportunity to experience a developing country from a broad range of illuminating perspectives. Trip costs start at $2,999 USD (land only).

Turtles and Trails (Costa Rica): A 9-day multi-sport tour throughout Costa Rica, including 2 days of volunteering with endangered leatherback sea turtles. Travellers will gain an intimate appreciation for the fragility of coastal eco-systems and the importance of environmental sustainability. Trip costs start at $2,299 USD (land only).